ISSUE 27  |  Summer Rentals

Greatest Hits: 33 Top Rental Houses Featured on Remodelista

July 11, 2014 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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Over the years, we’ve featured dozens of design-worthy rental houses on Remodelista. Here’s our roundup of our greatest hits. (You might want to bookmark this post.)


Above: Ellis House in Kyneton, Victoria.

Above: Byron Bay Holiday House.


Above: Tom Scheerer’s Harbor Island, Bahamas, House.


Above: Sleep in the City in Antwerp.

Above: Belgian Guesthouse in West Flanders.


Above: Casamidy’s Rue Michel le Comte in Paris.

Above: Casamidy’s Rue Conde in Paris.

Above: Villa Solaire in Haute Savoie.

Above: A Holiday House in the Languedoc.

Above: A Bucolic Sheperd’s Hut in the Mountains.


Above: Freunde von Freunden Apartment in Berlin.

Above: A Modern Houseboat in Berlin.


Above: An Aegean Idyll on Tinos in the Cyclades.


Above: Alexander Waterworth’s Masseria in Italy.

Above: La Pedevilla: A Holiday House in the Italian Alps.


Above: Baixa House in Lisbon.


Above: Hotel Magazin 1 in Gotland.

Above: Black and Bright House on the Danish Island of Mon.

South Africa

Above: A Whitewashed Villa in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.


Above: Alemany 5 in Girona.

Above: El Cancho Beach House


Above: Peter Zumthor–Designed Cabin in the Mountains.

Above: Huberhaus in the Upper Valais.

United Kingdom

Above: A Seaside Loft in Cornwall.

Above: Midcentury Seaside Rental in Hampshire.

Above: A Seaside Cottage in Cornwall.

Above: A Remote Scottish Bolt-hole in Callekille.

United States

Above: A Midcentury Modern in Wellfleet. Photo by Raimund Koch for Cape Cod Modern.

Above: Hatch House in Wellfleet. Photo by Raimund Koch for Cape Cod Modern.

Above: Kugel Gips House in Wellfleet. Photo by Raimund Koch for Cape Cod Modern.

Above: William Brown Project in Upstate New York.

Above: The Floating Farmhouse in Upstate New York.

Above: A Woodsy Cabin in Echo Park, Los Angeles.

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