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A Family House in Porto Restored, Traditional Tile Included


A Family House in Porto Restored, Traditional Tile Included

May 29, 2017

In the arts district of Porto, Portugal, architects Margarida Leitão and Luis Sobral of depA have transformed a three-story building—once a single-family home—into a collection of five separate units.

The house, called Casa do Rosário, takes its name from the busy Rua do Rosário it overlooks. Built in the 19th century, the building’s three levels had been split over time into three family homes, each divergent in style. The architects were tasked with restoring the building’s original architectural intent while simultaneously carving out an additional two units. Altogether the building now has five units: two for resident families—including a family that has called the building home for more than 60 years—plus three offered for short-term rent.

Rooms in Casa do Rosário start at $58 per night with a three-night minimum. To book, visit Airbnb.

Photography by José Campos.

Apartment One

hallway wood floors guest house portgual
Above: The first-floor rental apartment facing Rosário Street.
wood floors white details guest house portugal
Above: The architects retained original details such as wall moulding, windows, and shutters wherever possible.
plywood kitchen white walls tan details portugal guest house
Above: The plywood kitchenette has an electric stovetop and a fridge and microwave hidden beneath. Interior windows let natural light into the bathroom, hallway, and sleeping alcove.

Apartment Two

rosario jose campos bedroom acapulco chairs
Above: A pair of Acapulco chairs in a lounge area.
rosario house bathroom porto
Above: The tiled floor extends into the bathroom.
living room gray rug guest house portugal
Above: The second first-floor unit faces the backyard, with a sunroom attached.
bedroom nook niche in portugal guest house
Above: The architects designed a plywood double bed platform to be installed into a sleeping alcove off the living room.
portugal porto house patio yellow tile outdoor dining
Above: The yellow tiles are from Projecto Mosaico in Sintra, Portugal. The original 19th-century ceiling beams are exposed in the sunroom.
casa rosario kitchen view
Above: A view into the tiled kitchen.
rosario jose campos sleeping loft
Above: A sleeping loft under the eaves.

Apartment Three

wood floors beamed white ceilings guest house portugal
Above: The second-floor unit facing the street has a futon sofa bed designed by the architects and three large living room windows.
tan white guest house in portugal wood floors
Above: A lofted double bed is accessible via ladder to the mezzanine.
portugal house ladder to loft cat
Above: The architects installed a white-painted slatted wood wall detail behind the small dining set.

Shared Spaces

stairway white walls guest house portugal 1
Above: The building’s original, 19th-century central staircase ties all five units together. The stairwell is lit from above via skylight, and the shared entryway is again lined in yellow Portuguese tiles.
portugal porto house back view garden
Above: Two units have direct access to the backyard garden, and the top-floor unit, which is wrapped in corrugated metal, has a deck of its own.

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