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The Remodelista List: 20 Architects, Tastemakers, and Designers to Watch in 2023


The Remodelista List: 20 Architects, Tastemakers, and Designers to Watch in 2023

January 30, 2023

Heading into a new year, we’re calling it: Here—in no particular order—are 20 architects and designers whose stars are on the rise.

Conti, Cert in Barcelona

fan first started following the work of andrea conti and isa cert, the duo behi 17
Above: Fan first started following the work of Andrea Conti and Isa Cert, the duo behind Barcelona-based Conti, Cert; so enamored are we of their work that we could hardly choose which project of theirs to feature first. We went with Old at Heart: Keeping the ‘Essence of Barcelona’ Alive in a Remodel by Conti, Cert (shown), but watch for more in 2023.

Nimtim Architects in South London

named, cheekily, for its founders, garden and landscape designer nimi and archi 18
Above: Named, cheekily, for its founders, garden and landscape designer Nimi and architect Tim, Nimtim Architects is “a practice of architects, landscape, and interior designers based in South London” that’s been called out as a firm to watch by the likes of Architects’ Journal and Wallpaper*. We agree—just see their wildly inventive work in Kitchen of the Week: Playfulness and Plywood in a London Kitchen by Nimtim Architects.

Bradley Van Der Straeten in London

friends george bradley and ewald van der straeten joined forces to create archi 19
Above: Friends George Bradley and Ewald Van Der Straeten joined forces to create architecture studio Bradley Van Der Straeten thirteen years ago, and their way with color has captured our attention this year. For evidence, take a tour of their Tonal Terrace—see Two Become One: A Colorful Townhouse for an Actor and a Cinematographer—as well as A Graphic Designer’s Redone Victorian, Where the Pantry Takes Center Stage, more muted but no less characterful.

Studio Classico in Marseille and Paris

suleïma ben achour and antoine lallement are the architects behind studio  20
Above: Suleïma Ben Achour and Antoine Lallement are the architects behind Studio Classico, based in Marseille and Paris, and in the past two years we’ve covered four of their fresh, retro-infused projects: A Room of One’s Own: An En Suite Retreat in Paris, American Style in Marseille: Studio Classico Designs a Shaker-Inspired Bakery, An Apartment Remodel for a Writer in Paris, and Order and Pattern in a Spirited Paris Apartment Remodel by Two Young Architects (shown here). Safe to say their star is on the rise.

Emmanuel Olunkwa in Brooklyn

&#8\2\20;when i first met emmanuel olunkwa in \20\15, he had been in new yo 21
Above: “When I first met Emmanuel Olunkwa in 2015, he had been in New York for about a year and was working as an intern at Comme des Garçons while pursuing an undergraduate degree at The New School,” wrote Remodelista contributor Oliver. “Since then, he’s held several different jobs in art, fashion, film, and photography”—as an editor at Artforum and at Pioneer Works in Red Hook, just to name a couple. Now he’s launched his own line of furniture, E&Ko., and a tour of his own apartment reveals he’s a designer to watch closely.

Malachi Connolly Design

The Remodelista List 20 Architects Tastemakers and Designers to Watch in 2023 portrait 7
Above: Malachi Connolly of Malachi Connolly Design is based both in Brooklyn and on the Outer Cape; shown here, a compact, well-thought-out kitchen in the Brooklyn Heights apartment of Remodelista founding editor Julie Carlson.

Patrick Bernatz in LA

patrick bernatz is on our short list of designers of the moment. fan wrote abou 23
Above: Patrick Bernatz is on our short list of designers of the moment. Fan wrote about one of his projects—see ‘Old California’ in an Updated 1907 Arts & Crafts-Style House in Los Angeles. “I still think about that soulful kitchen from time to time,” she reports.

Homework Design in Taipei

&#8\2\20;homework design, an upstart interior design firm in taipei, taiwan 24
Above: “Homework Design, an upstart interior design firm in Taipei, Taiwan, specializes in using plaster finishes and vintage furnishings to create hushed, self-contained worlds,” Margot wrote in An Apartment in Taipei: A Childhood Home, Updated for a Newlywed Couple. Follow the firm on Instagram @homeworkdesign_.

Jill MacNair in London

&#8\2\20;i can&#8\2\17;t wait to see jill macnair&#8\2\17;s next pr 25
Above: “I can’t wait to see Jill MacNair’s next project,” writes Nell. “Jill studied interior architecture, then became a design writer for many years before returning to hands-on design. Her first project—a house on the shores of a Scottish loch (Highland House, shown here)—caught everyone’s eye, and her second full-scale project looks just as impressive.”

Studio Dorion in Brooklyn

julie has been following the work of peter dolkas and michelle ficker of studio 26
Above: Julie has been following the work of Peter Dolkas and Michelle Ficker of Studio Dorion, who outfitted interiors last year at the Brooklyn Heights Designer Showhouse. Since then we’ve chronicled A Soulful, Timeless Apartment by Studio Dorion in Brooklyn Heights and have come to believe part of their talent is in creating cook spaces that feel old-fashioned and yet entirely new. Pictured here: a blue kitchen in their Litchfield County Guest House project.

Studio Glume in Shanghai

&#8\2\20;both fan and i became obsessed with studio glume, a multidisciplin 27
Above: “Both Fan and I became obsessed with Studio Glume, a multidisciplinary firm focusing on design and renovation of small buildings, interiors, furniture, art, and graphic design,” Julie wrote when she toured the home of founding member Wang Ying (see An Eclectic Home in Shanghai: Wang Ying of Studio Glume). We’re eager to see more of the firm’s residential interiors in the coming year.

Studio Krokalia in London

we first started following the work of pallas kalamotusis through pallas and fr 28
Above: We first started following the work of Pallas Kalamotusis through Pallas and Freya, in which she makes ethereal ceramics with cult followings with the ceramicist Freya Bramble-Carter (see: “Beauty Is Eternal”: Colorful Ceramic Vessels by Two London Creatives (and Friends)). But on her own, the Greece-born designer runs Studio Krokalia, tackling projects in her home country and in her current home base of London.

Kai Avent-deLeon in Brooklyn

kai avent deleon is the owner of brooklyn concept shop sincerely, tommy; the fo 29
Above: Kai Avent-deLeon is the owner of Brooklyn concept shop Sincerely, Tommy; the founder of Raini Home, an interior consultancy and line of furniture and objects; and a cofounder of the project Building Black Bed Stuy, whose mission is to “protect and preserve the Black community in Bed Stuy and beyond.” In everything she touches, she’s a “style leader,” Margot writes. Tour Kai’s Bed-Stuy townhouse in our new book, Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home, and her previous home in Bed-Stuy Avant-Garde: Inside the Eclectic Apartment of a Brooklyn Designer and Shop Owner. (Photograph from Trend Alert: The 1970s Togo Lounge is Today’s Flop-Down Chair of Choice.)

LoveIsEnough in Brooklyn

loren daye of loveisenough made waves with the interiors of le crocodile at bro 30
Above: Loren Daye of LoveIsEnough made waves with the interiors of Le Crocodile at Brooklyn’s trendy Wythe Hotel in 2020; more recently, the studio took on the bold restorations at Little Cat Lodge in the Catskills, and we’re eager to see what they have up their sleeve next. (For more, see “Born Into Yesterday”: 11 Quirky Ideas to Steal from Little Cat Lodge in Upstate NY.)

Ste. Marie in Vancouver

based in vancouver, ste. marie has designed some of the most thoroughly evocati 31
Above: Based in Vancouver, Ste. Marie has designed some of the most thoroughly evocative restaurant spaces we’ve seen. The studio’s ethos, as they see it, is “to manifest possible worlds,” and to be in their spaces feels like being immersed in paintings, or dreams. For more, see one of their standout projects: St. Lawrence in Vancouver: A Sultry, Blue-Hued Bistro, Right Out of a Painting.

Ambrosi Etchegaray in Mexico City

we&#8\2\17;ve been followers jorge ambrosi and gabriele etchegaray ever sin 32
Above: We’ve been followers Jorge Ambrosi and Gabriele Etchegaray ever since we covered their work on the “spare and luminous” Shaker-inspired rooms at Círculo Mexicano (see Círculo Mexicano: Soulful Minimalism in Mexico City). Together, they run architecture firm Ambrosi | Etchegaray in Mexico City, and they’re a duo to watch.

TBo Office in New York

we&#8\2\17;ve been ardent followers ofdthe work of thom dalmas and bretaign 33
Above: We’ve been ardent followers ofdthe work of Thom Dalmas and Bretaigne Walliser for quite a while, initially as founding partners of Fabr Studios (see: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn: Fabr Studio in East Williamsburg), and now through their new outfit, TBo Office. They nail spaces both refined and rustic, urban and rural: Just see their one-room Catskills cabin, which we chronicled in our new book, Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home, and An 1890 Brooklyn Townhouse, Reinvented for Modern Times, shown above.

Joiya Studios in Portland, Maine

in researching our new book, remodelista in maine, one outfit kept popping up e 34
Above: In researching our new book, Remodelista in Maine, one outfit kept popping up every time we stumbled upon a space we loved: Joiya Studios. Woodworker turned furniture maker turned restaurant designer Brad Bowes creates exquisitely crafted spaces, often with fine custom millwork. For some of Brad’s recent work, see Shopper’s Diary: The Post Supply in Portland, Maine.

Tamsin Johnson in New South Wales, Australia

another on our watch list? australia based designer tamsin johnson, whose darli 35
Above: Another on our watch list? Australia-based designer Tamsin Johnson, whose Darling Point project (pictured) Julie bookmarked recently. Stay tuned—we’ll be featuring more of the project soon. Photograph by Anson Smart, courtesy of Tamsin Johnson.

Heju in Paris

several years ago, architects hélène pinaud and julien schwartzmann o 36
Above: Several years ago, architects Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann of Paris-based Heju first shared with us their scrappy and brilliant designs, from their own budget kitchen (Kitchen of the Week: Two Young Paris Architects Completely Redo Their Kitchen for Under $4,300) to A Homemade Terrazzo Table. And now they’re unquestionably on the up—taking on Architectural Feats in a Paris Duplex as well as the design of new lodgings in Bligny sur Ouche, France (shown here). Stay tuned—we’ll be taking a tour in February. Photograph via Papotte.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the 'Remodelista to Designers: Watch 2023' initiative?

The Remodelista to Designers: Watch 2023 initiative is a list of emerging designers who will be shaping the future of interiors and architecture over the next few years.

Who are the designers featured in this list?

The designers featured in this list are chosen from a global pool of emerging talent who are setting new trends and innovating in the design space.

How were the designers selected for this list?

The designers were selected based on their innovation, creativity, and ability to disrupt traditional design practices. The Remodelista team also took into account the designers' track records and potential for future success in the industry.

What trends can we expect to see from these designers?

These designers will be at the forefront of trends that focus on sustainability, minimalism, and functionality in design. They will also bring innovative and experimental elements to their designs, creating truly unique spaces and products.

How can I stay updated on the work of these designers?

The Remodelista website will feature updates on the work of these designers as they continue to shape the design industry. Follow Remodelista on social media to stay in the loop on upcoming design events and trending design topics.

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