ISSUE 80  |  The Summer Bedroom

40 Shades of Gray: Unexpected Color in the Swiss Alps

July 10, 2013 9:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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A 200-year-old farmhouse in Interlaken gets an an overhaul by Zürich-based Mirko Beetschen and Stephane Houlmann, the duo behind Bergdorf Agency. In collaboration with Berne-based architect Nick Ruef, the team preserved the original wood paneling, parquet floors, and windows (repairing and refitting where necessary), and added sheep’s wool insulation. Most interesting renovation detail: They used 40 different shades in the interior palette, in shades ranging from the palest pearl gray to spearmint green.

Good news for travelers to Switzerland’s capital; Bergdorf Homes rents out 13 furnished apartments in Berne.

Photos via Bergdorf Agency.

Above: The designers used a mix of modern pieces interspersed with antiques and vintage pieces.

Above: A parlor is painted a minty green.

Above: A slate gray study.

Above: A dining area with paneled walls and a pale yellow table matched with gray chairs.

Above: The dining area features an original tiled stove that the owners painstakingly restored.

Above: A china cabinet painted a cheerful mint green (both inside and out).

Above: A small modern kitchen inserted in a corner of the dining/kitchen room.

Above: Pale grays and dashes of yellow prevail.

Above: The upstairs stairwell landing.

Above: The chalet includes multiple bedrooms painted in varying shades of cool grays and chalky blues and greens.

Above: A pair of guest rooms.

Above: An attic bedroom with bath.

Above: Even the tiles make a color statement.

Above: The chalet’s traditional facade.