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Required Reading: Petite Apartment Inspiration from French Interior Designer Marianne Evennou


Required Reading: Petite Apartment Inspiration from French Interior Designer Marianne Evennou

May 19, 2023

Interior designer Marianne Evennou, our French doyenne of color, composition, and small-space living, has just published her first book.

Un Intérieur à Soi (loose translation: “A Place of One’s Own”) is a compendium of her signature moves—interior windows, exposed beams, duo-toned walls, bonbon box-sized kitchens, and black Bakelite light switches—that dazzle us over and over.

Marianne may have go-to design tricks but she applies them with a freshness and excitement every time. Today, we’re spotlighting a favorite Paris apartment for a client named Sabine, an artist and businesswoman in her forties who Marianne describes as having “une idée à la minute.” At each of their preliminary meetings, Sabine arrived with macarons from Ladurée and their “soft but not cutesy colors: pale pink, almond green, and pastel blue” became the starting point for the makeover:  “luxurious and carefree,” it’s also a pocket apartment that, as Marianne puts it, “has all the big stuff.” Join us for a tour.

Photography by Grégory Timsit, courtesy of Éditions de La Martinière.

set in an \18th century building in the marais, the 35 square meter (approximat 17
Above: Set in an 18th century building in the Marais, the 35-square-meter (approximately 376-square-foot) apartment was completely reorganized: “we removed all the small, dark rooms to open the kitchen and bedroom to the living room thanks to interior windows.”

The entry, shown here, has a wainscot patterned with Antoinette Poisson Buisson de Roses wallpaper and a bleached parquet floor with radiant heat. Marianne puts tight quarters to work: the pink tiled floor defines the kitchen, and the bedroom is on the other side of the glazed wall. Scroll to the end for the updated floor plan.

a triptych collage by artist franck evennou, marianne&#8\2\17;s husband and 18
Above: A triptych collage by artist Franck Evennou, Marianne’s husband and a frequent contributor to her projects, hangs over a linen-upholstered bench with a pleated skirt. The apartment’s “underpinning of black,” Marianne says, keeps it from “falling into sentimentality.” Serax makes the low steel Black Coffee Tables.
the two color walls are painted in a gray called bauhaus and léger cumulus 19
Above: The two-color walls are painted in a gray called Bauhaus and Léger Cumulus, a pale blue, both from Ressource, a French line with a showroom in New York’s D&D Building. Marianne describes the Antoinette Poisson wallpaper and fabric, including these Cologne linen cushions, as having “a revisited 18th century spirit.” In the US, John Derian carries the company’s designs.
full length curtains of a heavy pierre frey linen called craft (in armande edge 20
Above: Full-length curtains of a heavy Pierre Frey linen called Craft (in Armande edged in black) frame French doors that open to a window box planted with moss and ferns.
a half glazed wall divides the kitchen from the dining area. the painting is by 21
Above: A half-glazed wall divides the kitchen from the dining area. The painting is by Franck Evennou. Note the black light switches by THPG of Germany.
the dining table, a finnish classic by ilmari tapiovaara, and the \1940s polish 22
Above: The dining table, a Finnish classic by Ilmari Tapiovaara, and the 1940s Polish chair by Wladyslaw Wincze and Olgierd Szlekys were sourced from online vintage marketplace Selency.  The fabric globe light is one of a pair from Paris concept store Mona Market.
marianne designed the kitchen&#8\2\17;s carpet of &#8\2\20;candy pink&a 23
Above: Marianne designed the kitchen’s carpet of “candy pink” Mosaic del Sur cement tiles. Just right for a solo occupant who often eats out, the space has a compact oven by Candy over a tiny fridge.
marble counters rise to form a ledge. the walls with built in shelves are paint 24
Above: Marble counters rise to form a ledge. The walls with built-in shelves are painted in a powder pink from Ressource.
&#8\2\20;even if it has no window to the outside, this room still has a vie 25
Above: “Even if it has no window to the outside, this room still has a view,” says Marianne of the lone bedroom, which has pale blue linen curtains should Sabine want to enclose the space.
a pastel apartment doesn&#8\2\17;t require a frilly bed: marianne layered i 26
Above: A pastel apartment doesn’t require a frilly bed: Marianne layered it in a black and white gridwork. The two-armed ceiling light is by Remodelista favorite Wo & Wé.
the bedroom opens to sabine&#8\2\17;s dressing area (with two wardrobes) an 27
Above: The bedroom opens to Sabine’s dressing area (with two wardrobes) and bathroom, unified by the same custom tiles that set off the kitchen.
mosaic del sur zelliges and pink trellis patterned tiles are &#8\2\20;sober 28
Above: Mosaic del Sur zelliges and pink trellis-patterned tiles are “soberly balanced by black,” notes Marianne. The snake-patterned eau-de-toilette is from Officine Universelle Buly.

Floor Plan

marianne&#8\2\17;s approach to tiny apartment living:&#8\2\2\1;i design 29
Above: Marianne’s approach to tiny apartment living:”I design each space like a tailor-made garment” and “never neglect the smallest square centimeter.”

The Book


un intérieur à soi, €38, is available from publisher Édit 30
Above: Un Intérieur à Soi, €38, is available from publisher Éditions de La Martinière and booksellers throughout Europe.  Follow Marianne on Instagram @marianneevennou.

Three more Marianne Evennou projects:

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Marianne Evennou?

Marianne Evennou is a French interior designer who specializes in small space design.

What is the name of Marianne Evennou's new book?

The name of Marianne Evennou's new book is 'Small Spaces: Stylish Ideas for Making More of Less in the Home'.

What kind of design ideas are covered in Marianne Evennou's book?

The book covers small space design ideas for various rooms in the home, including bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. It also includes tips for storage and organization.

Are the design ideas in the book specific to French style?

No, the design ideas in the book are not specific to French style. They are applicable to small spaces all over the world.

Is the book only relevant for small spaces?

Yes, the book focuses specifically on small space design ideas.

Does the book include DIY projects?

No, the book does not include DIY projects. It mainly focuses on design ideas and tips.

Where can I purchase Marianne Evennou's book?

Marianne Evennou's book is available for purchase online from various retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What is the price of Marianne Evennou's book?

The price of Marianne Evennou's book varies depending on the retailer. It is generally priced around $25 to $30.

Is the book suitable for beginners in interior design?

Yes, the book is suitable for beginners in interior design. It provides practical tips and ideas that can be easily implemented.

Are there photos included in the book?

Yes, the book includes photos of various small space design ideas.

Product summary  

papier peint 58a   1 376x282

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€133.33 EUR from Antoinette Poisson
Required Reading Petite Apartment Inspiration from French Interior Designer Marianne Evennou portrait 6
Outdoor & Patio Furniture

Linen Cushion

€144.17 EUR from Antoinette Poisson

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