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5 Quick Fixes: Instant Headboards

June 08, 2012 3:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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As a twenty-something city dweller in a rented apartment, I've become a bit of an ascetic: Investing in bulky furniture is the last thing on my list.

Here are five ideas for an instant headboard that is inexpensive, effortless, and most important, easy to haul into a moving van when and if the time comes.

Above: A headboard outlined in pink paint by Los Angeles designer Alexandra Angle.

Above: Black and white maps lean up against the wall; via 47 Park Avenue.

Above: An entire wall painted in chalkboard paint in the bedroom of German fashion designer Hanne Graumannr; image via Vosges Paris.

Above: A macrame hanging by Portland, OR-based Sally England makes an unexpected headboard; photo via Palace Store.

Above: White reclaimed doors as headboard via Hus & Hem. If this idea appeals, see our post on DIY: Reclaimed Doors as Headboards.

Above: A chalkboard is a nice choice for welcoming guests or for the children's room; via Jeanine Brennan for Apartment Therapy.