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5 Favorites: Textiles as Headboards

January 09, 2013 2:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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The easiest headboard solution we know of? A textile panel hung on the wall (either draped on a wall-mounted curtain rod or simply nailed to the wall).

Above: A length of black and white floral fabric serves as a headboard in this English bedroom photographed by Paul Raeside.

Above: A swath of indigo-dyed cotton serves as headboard, image via Slow Fashion House via Style Files.

Above: Two textile panels in an Australian bedroom by Phorm Interiors.

Above: An indigo textile in a bedroom photographed by Anita Calero.

Above: A Moroccan wedding blanket as headboard; photo by Polly Wreford.

Above: A 20th century Syrian silk shawl draped on a curtain rod, photographed by William Abranowicz for Real Simple.

Above: Tarps hang above the beds in lieu of traditional headboards at the Base Camp Hotel in Tahoe, California.

Above: William Abromowitz photo, via Real Simple.