6 Desk-Worthy Clipboards by

Issue 36 · Get to Work · September 5, 2012

6 Desk-Worthy Clipboards

Issue 36 · Get to Work · September 5, 2012

Spotted in yesterday's restaurant French Blue: clipboards used for taking orders. It's an accessory that has enduring appeal. Here's a roundup of our latest finds.

Rubber Band Clipboard

Above: The Rubber Band Clipboard made from beech plywood with a rubber band attaching a wooden clip; £16.50 from Present & Correct.

Smoked Oak Clipboard

Above: A Clipboard made from smoked oak from Ferm Living, for €20.

Wood Memo Clipboard

Above: A Wood Memo Clipboard from Father Rabbit; NZD $29.

Exaclair Exaboard Clipboard

Above: The Exaclair Exaboard Clipboard comes with a Rhodia Lined Tablet enclosed inside; $24 from Farneys Pens.

Vintage Clipboards

Above: A Vintage Clipboard on Etsy: $14.

Artist Sketch Pad Board

Above: An Artist Sketch Pad Board in two sizes. The large comes with two clips, a rubber band, and a handle for carrying; $12.41. The small is $7.36 from Dick Blick.

Above: Desiree from Vosges Paris took artists' sketchpad boards, painted them black, then hung them in her hallway.

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