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Trend Alert: 5 Shared Workspaces Gone Upscale


Trend Alert: 5 Shared Workspaces Gone Upscale

September 21, 2016

On our radar: a new wave of upscale shared work spaces that elevate the concept to new aesthetic heights (no desks made out of reclaimed wood doors or mismatched office chairs). Here are five that cater to the globe-trotting design-conscious entrepreneur:

New York 

New on the scene in NYC: the recently opened Spring Place in Tribeca, with interiors by Bluarch Architecture, is where “minds in fashion, art, business and entertainment come to work, host, and create,” according to the mission statement. Affiliated with the neighboring Spring Studios, Spring Place also holds programming for the Tribeca Film Festival and New York Fashion Week. Amenities include a full-service restaurant, sunken lounge, and concierge services.

Photography by Adrian Gaut, courtesy of Spring Place.

music room at spring place 17

Above: In the Music Room, dusty pink couches and armchairs by Theo Ruth mingle with glass-top coffee tables by Adrian Pearsall. A vinyl record player, free-to-borrow guitars, and a projection screen make for a souped-up den feeling.

spring place spring studios new york dining table 10 19

Above: A view of the sixth-floor Social Club, with custom-made leather bar stools and concrete and blackened-steel bar.

coworking at spring place 20

Above: In the nearly 3,500-square-foot communal workspace, custom-made worktables are flanked by vintage Danish teak chairs.

Los Angeles

NeueHouse, a “private work collective for creative entrepreneurs” with an original location in New York, now has spaces in Hollywood (and, soon, London). Housed in the storied 1938 CBS Radio Building, NeueHouse Hollywood “marries old LA with the new.” In addition to its stylish meeting rooms, a roof deck, performance space, broadcasting studio, and screening room reference Hollywood’s creative history.

Photography by Emily Andrews, courtesy of NeueHouse.

lounge at neuehouse la 21

Above: The space was a collaboration between Rockwell Group, who custom-designed all furniture and lighting, and NeueHouse Studio, which designed the rugs and curated the art ion display. In a lounge area, a tan leather sofa and wooden side tables, both co-designed by Rockwell and NeueHouse Studio, provide a casual meeting place. The stacked white tables are Marcel Breuer’s Laccio coffee tables.

neuehouse hollywood 9 22

Above: A view of the shared work space.

neuehouse hollywood 10 23

Above: A stairwell with Art Deco detailing on display.

San Francisco

Coworking gurus Mod have opened their newest location, The Archery, in San Francisco’s Mission District. Less focused on the laptop-and-desk model, The Archery is “for artists and makers.” Because of the building’s zoning, it’s geared towards artists, woodworkers, photographers, and painters—complete with work benches, shooting spaces, and a chefs table, plus an on-site chef, concierge service, and hourly drop-in rates.

Photography by Leslie Santarina, courtesy of Mod.

entrance to the archery in san francisco 24

Above: The Archery is a lofty, bright, plant-filled space designed for creative work.

bar at the archery in san francisco 25

Above: The space regularly hosts pop-ups, chef collaborations, a Coffee Club, and “spontaneous tastings.” German biergarten-style tables flank the bar area.

work table at the archery in san francisco 26

Above: Mod’s workspaces are simple, with clouded-glass divider, wood floors, and fiddle-leaf fig trees. (For more on these plants, see Considering the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Tips for Caring for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree on Gardenista.)


In the London borough of Waltham Forest,  Gort Scott Architects recently refurbished the Walthamstow Central Parade into Meanwhile Space, a multidisciplinary mixed-use hub that includes a coworking area for creatives with meeting rooms and studio units. Photos by Dirk Lindner courtesy of Gort Scott.

walthamstow central parade gort scott architects remodelista 27

Above: A cafe area at the Meanwhile Space in Walthamstow.

walthamstow remodelista 10 28

walthamstow central parade gort scott architects workspace remodelista 2 29

Above: A row of coworking desks.


Located on Paris’ Boulevard Saint-Denis, Artichaut’s concept is simple and streamlined, no doubt because it was founded by an architect, Julie Alazard. With the tagline “Coworking that makes you want to work,” Artichaut occupies the second floor of a pre-Haussmann building that’s been retrofitted with three separate coworking spaces and a shared kitchen.

Photography courtesy of Artichaut.

view of desk and hallway at artichaut paris 30

Above: For a “softer” work environment, Alazard opted for natural lighting throughout the space. She left the original wooden parquet flooring and glass doors as-is.

hallway and couch at artichaut paris 31

Above: The three coworking rooms are outfitted with Muji furniture, including square stacking shelves, and steel-framed windows.

coworking room at artichaut paris 32

Above: Alazard retrofitted the vintage Paris building with modern details, like two-tone black and white walls. A ceramic artichoke on the table is a subtle reference to the space’s name.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the trend alert for global nomad workspaces according to Remodelista?

According to Remodelista, the trend alert for global nomad workspaces includes versatility, portability, and functionality.

What are some key features of a global nomad workspace?

Global nomad workspaces typically prioritize portability, functionality, and versatility. Compact designs, lightweight materials, and multi-purpose furniture are often used.

What are some examples of global nomad workspaces?

Examples of global nomad workspaces include foldable desks, modular shelving units, lightweight chairs, and travel-friendly storage solutions.

What are some benefits of a global nomad workspace?

Benefits of a global nomad workspace include increased flexibility, the ability to work in various locations, and an overall focus on simplicity and functionality.

How can I create my own global nomad workspace?

To create your own global nomad workspace, consider investing in compact and versatile furniture, prioritize lightweight and travel-friendly designs, and look for multi-functional pieces.

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