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5 Companies That Make It Easy to Upgrade Your Ikea Sofa


5 Companies That Make It Easy to Upgrade Your Ikea Sofa

March 12, 2019

Seven years ago, Izabella wrote about the “thrillingly transformative” Ikea-ready slipcovers from Swedish company Bemz. (You can read her story here.) Since then, more businesses have popped up to help customers upgrade their Ikea sofas, either with new legs or custom coverings. We rounded up our five favorites, starting, of course, with Bemz.

Featured photograph courtesy of Bemz.


There are so many reasons to like Bemz—and not just for the quality and uncommon stylishness of their slipcovers. The company is big on sustainability, which means every cover is sewn to order (to prevent waste), and all materials are natural, washable, and come with a three-year guarantee (we especially love its washed linen covers). In addition, they also make bed skirts, curtains, and covers for headboards, and carry a range of legs for Ikea chairs and sofas.

one of our favorite covers offered by bemz is their loose fit urban style, seen 14
Above: One of our favorite covers offered by Bemz is their Loose Fit Urban style, seen here on Ikea’s Klippan sofa. The white washed linen is $529.
slipcovers for ikea&#8\2\17;s färlöv armchair start at \$\14 15
Above: Slipcovers for Ikea’s Färlöv armchair start at $149.

Comfort Works

The origin story for the Australian-based company starts with the age-old first-apartment conundrum: What to do with an unattractive but still-working couch? Replace it? Reupholster it? Both options can be costly, so the couple behind Comfort Works decided to DIY a slipcover for their old Ikea sofa—and thus their business was born. Today, the company has expanded from two people searching for an inexpensive way to refurbish their furniture to a global team of 55. (They also make slipcovers for Pottery Barn and Muji pieces.) Like Bemz, Comfort Works offers a three-year guarantee on their products. Plus, shipping is free to anywhere in the world.

slipcovers for ikea&#8\2\17;s three seater karlstadt sofa start at \$309. t 16
Above: Slipcovers for Ikea’s three-seater Karlstadt sofa start at $309. The synthetic leathers, including this Savannah Saddle finish, are $479.
slipcovers for ektorp&#8\2\17;s three seater version start at \$3\29. shown 17
Above: Slipcovers for Ektorp’s three-seater version start at $329. Shown is a velvet blend in Rouge Blush for $379.


The typical wait time for a custom slipcover can be months-long. Soferia, a UK-based company, says they will have your slipcover to you within 14 days of ordering it. (Delivery to the US costs $20.)

slipcovers for the norsborg sofa start at €\269.00. 18
Above: Slipcovers for the Norsborg sofa start at €269.00.


Many of the 250-plus fabrics available from the London-based company are polyester or synthetic blends, but there are some good wool options. CoverCouch delivers within two to three weeks of order.

we like the söderhamn sofa in new zealand wool in the gaja timberland hue; 19
Above: We like the Söderhamn sofa in New Zealand wool in the Gaja Timberland hue; $526.16.


The Miami-based company has a streamlined website, dividing its products into three categories: legs, knobs, and front layers—and that pretty much explains what it does. Prettypegs (“the Ikea add-on company” is how they describe themselves) makes stylish accessories for Ikea beds, sofas, cabinets, and tables.

a sampling of its prettypegs products in one  , including table legs, cabinet f 20
Above: A sampling of its Prettypegs products in one image, including table legs, cabinet fronts, and the Greta 210 legs (in matte gold) on the sofa; $113 for 4.

Find more companies specializing in Ikea hacks:

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