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10 Easy Pieces: The New Short Wine Glass


10 Easy Pieces: The New Short Wine Glass

July 27, 2016

We like the way short, stubby wine glasses add a note of nonchalance to a dinner party. The squat stem glass is more casual and understated that their elongated, more fragile counterpart. Case in point: At a recent dinner party, I served drinks in low-to-the-table glasses. I noticed that guests seemed unusually at ease. Maybe it was the glass, or maybe it was the wine, but I’m convinced that shorter is better.

jasper morrison alessi wine glasses 9

Above: Jasper Morrison’s Glass Family Goblet is $38 for a set of four at Hive.

yoshihiko takahashi small glass 10

Above: From Japanese glassware artist Yoshihiko Takahashi, the mouth-blown Small Glass is $115 at March.

canvas home fat glasses 11

Above: Canvas Home’s Clear Fat Glasses are currently on sale for $5.99 each.

la rochére beveled wine glass 12

Above: A Set of 6 Beveled Wine Glasses from La Rochère is $59 at Kaufmann Mercantile. The glasses are currently out of stock but you can contact Kaufmann Mercantile for restocking information.

iittala lempi glasses 13

Above: The Iittala Lempi Glass Set of 4 is $74.99 at Amazon.

alder & co. recycled glass goblet 14

Above: Recycled Glass Goblets are $15 each at Alder & Co.

david mellor classic large wine glass 15

Above: The David Mellor Classic Large Wine Glass is £10 ($13) at David Mellor.

billy cotton clear glassware 16

Above: The Billy Cotton Clear Wine Goblet is $15 at March.

merci wine glasses 17

Above: Merci’s 19CL Wine Glass is €4.50 ($5) each.

ikea 365 clear wine glass 18

Above: Strikingly similar to Iittala’s Lempi Glass, Ikea’s 365+ Wine Glass is $1.49 and available in most Ikea stores.

ichendorf milano venezia wine goblet 19

Above: Ichendorf Milano’s Venezia Curved Goblet Wine Glass is $24 at Garde in Los Angeles.

eddy everyday stacking glass 20

Above: Crate & Barrel’s Eddy 11-Ounce Everyday Stacking Glass is $2.95 for a single glass and $29.95 for a set of 12.

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