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Steal This Look: Simple San Francisco Kitchen

November 16, 2010 11:15 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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First spotted on Desire to Inspire: the simple kitchen of San Francisco-based photographer Heidi Lender. Recreate the streamlined look with a few reasonably priced elements from Ikea and other sources.

Above: Single-lever Hjuvik Faucet; $249 at Ikea.

Above: Is Ikea's Vardea Sink Cabinet the best kitchen remodeling deal around? It's $312.98 and features a stainless sink and a birch cabinet.

Above: The Emeco 1951 Navy Barstool is available in a range of finishes; $415 at All Modern.

Above: The Expedit Shelf from Ikea measures approximately 73 inches long and is $59.99.

Above: Classic Simplex English Kettle; $169.99 at Amazon.

Above: Bauer Mixing Bowl in dove gray; $42 from Bauer Pottery Company in LA.