Steal This Look: The Summer Clubhouse by

Issue 27 · Summer Rentals · July 8, 2014

Steal This Look: The Summer Clubhouse

Issue 27 · Summer Rentals · July 8, 2014

We recently featured one of our favorite finds of the summer so far: a houseboat in Rockaway Beach, New York, that belongs to eight young creatives who pooled their resources and pulled off a low-key urban weekend escape. Two of the houseboaters, Sophia Cosmadopoulos and Honora Dunham, were put in charge of furnishing the living space. By haunting Craig's List and thrift stores, they created a next-to-no-cost hangout that's all about summer ease. Here's how to get the look:

  Fredericks & Mae and friends houseboat | Remodelista

 Above: Life on board revolves around the living room and kitchen. Almost everything in it was given to the group—often by house guests—or sourced inexpensively. But the space works so well because Sophia and Honora came up with a plan: "We wanted to keep things coherent, so we went for orange, white, wood, and glass," says Sophia. Photograph by Douglas Lyle Thompson for Remodelista.

Frederick & Mae and friends houseboat | Remodelista  

 Above: Sophia (who works at a non-profit art studio for people with developmental disabilities) and Honora (a housewares buyer and social media manager for Eli Zabar) painted the bar themselves using masking tape and watered-down gray house paint—"we didn't even bother to measure." The hammock came from a friend who had no use for it in his apartment. As for the rug and ottoman: "I spent a lot of time searching for rattan on Craig's List," says Honora. For a full tour of the houseboat, go to Rehab Diary: The Ultimate Houseboat in NYCPhotograph by Douglas Lyle Thompson for Remodelista.


Pottery Barn jute rug | Remodelista

Above: A Round Jute Rug is available in 6- and 8-foot sizes; on sale for $126 and $211 (marked down from $149 and $249) at Pottery Barn.

Cotton Mayan hammock from Novica | Remodelista

Above: The cotton rope Natural Comfort Mayan Hammock is $89.99 (marked down from $153.95) at Novica.

Studio One Jute Garden Chair from Lost and Found LA | Remodelista

Above: The Studio One Jute Garden Chair is $295 at Lost & Found in LA. For more ideas, see 5 Favorites: Rope Chairs.

Ikea Alseda stool Remodelista

Above: Alseda, a banana fiber stool from Ikea, can be stacked to create a side table like the one on the boat; $29.99.

Cane canoe seat from Chesapeake Light Craft | Remodelista

Above: Made for a canoeing and camping, the Folding Cane Seat is $89.99 from Chesapeake Light Craft. Oak Orchard Canoe Kayak Experts sell a similar design for $109.95.

Monticello Counter Stool from Timeless Wrought Iron | Remodelista

Above: Honora found the houseboat's vintage stools on Craig's List—and trekked to New Jersey to retrieve them. For a similar wrought-iron design, consider the 25-inch-high Monticello Counter Stool from Timeless Wrought Iron; $241. 


Fredericks & Mae travel backgammon set | Remodelista

Above: Houseboaters Gabe Cohen and Jolie Signorile own the design company Fredericks & Mae, which makes this magnetic birch Travel Backgammon Set; $160. 

Vintage Pyrex mixing bowls from Atomic House Market | Remodelista

Above: The kitchen is accessorized with orange Pyrex mixing bowls that Sophia and Honora have been gathering one by one from thrift stores. This Vintage Pyrex Flameglow Mixing Bowl Set is $144.40 from Etsy seller Atomic House Market. Burnt orange and other classic shades of Pyrex are widely available on Etsy and eBay.

West Elm Essential White Dinnerware | Remodelista

Above: West Elm's Essential White Dinnerware Set is on sale for $7.99 (marked down from $16) for four 9.25-inch salad plates.

  Japanese enamelware tea and coffee pot | Remodelista

Above: The enamelware Fuji Red Tea and Coffee Pot from Zingerman's is made in Japan and holds 20 ounces; $65.

Whale cutting board from Lawson Fenning | Remodelista

Above: This Whale Cutting Board by Sir/Madam makes a good wall decoration; $96 from Lawson-Fenning. (For a look at the Sir/Madam line, go to Perfected Tableware from the Past.)

Peruse our Steal This Look posts for more summer rooms to recreate, including The Perfect Screened Porch and A Watery Blue Bath. On Gardenista, learn how to recreate a Mod LA Patio with Twinkly Lights.

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