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16 Tricks for Maximizing Space in a Tiny Kitchen, Urban Edition

December 30, 2015 6:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

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A roundup of ingenious kitchen spaces–some no larger than a closet–that are minuscule yet functional (and full of ideas to steal).

1. Do Away with Cabinet Hardware

Above: Uncluttered countertops, lofty ceilings, and hardware-free cabinetry make this kitchen in the Villa Piedad in Spain by architect Maria Badiola seem larger; via Huh Magazine. We like handle cutouts as an alternative; for ideas, go to 10 Favorites: Cutout Kitchen Cabinet Pulls.

2. Use a Monochrome Palette (Kitchen Faucet Included)

Above: In Mischa Lampert’s tiny NYC studio, even the kitchen faucet is white, creating a blank canvas. Photograph by Genevieve Garruppo via Lonny.

3. Install a Cantilivered Table

Above: A cantilevered table in the tiny Wroclaw, Poland, kitchen of architect Ewa Czerny of 3XA saves precious floorspace (one leg is better than two); via Architizer.

4. Consider an All-in-One Kitchen Unit

Above: A truly tiny Avanti 30-Inch Complete Compact Kitchen with Refrigerator at the Spruceton Inn. Photograph via A Journal.

5. Use a Tiny Kitchen Island as Room Divider

Above: In the Old Homestead in Provincetown, designers Kristin Hein and Philip Cozzi of Hein + Cozzi built a small kitchen island that defines a kitchen area without breaking up the loftlike feel of the space. See more at Low-Key Luxury: The New Old Homestead in Provincetown.

6. Choose a Skinny Fridge

Above: A tiny kitchen by Ore Studios has a refrigerator that measures a mere 24 inches wide. See more at 5 Favorites: Skinny Refrigerators.

7. Make a DIY Wall-Mounted Wire Storage Rack

Above: Make a DIY $38 Wire Pot Rack That’s Perfect for a Compact Kitchen via A Beautiful Mess.

8. Source a High-Style Folding Table

Above: The Table Plus from UK-based Magnet Kitchens offers an extra work or dining surface and includes storage space. The leather pockets are handy for stashing mail and magazines.

9. Think Like a Puzzle Maker

Above: A tiny kitchen by Mesh Architectures occupies a nook in a 300-square-foot art dealer’s studio. Bonus points: The high-mounted oven includes a drop-down feature. See Remodelista’s Favorite Space-Saving Appliances for Small Kitchens.

10. Build a Tall and Slim Bar Counter

Above: A tall, slim table serves as a seating counter in the tiny kitchen of Karlijn de Jong, via Lisanne van de Klift.

11. Install a Bar Sink

Above: Karin Montgomery Spath used a tiny bar sink and slotted in a two-burner cooktop to create a mini kitchen in an Auckland space. See more at Small-Space Living: An Airy Studio Apartment in a Garage. Photograph by Matthew Williams.

12. Hang Utensils on the Wall as Art

Above: A galley kitchen in London by Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi features walls of framed photographs and–ingeniously–kitchen implements either hung from hooks or mounted directly on the wall for immediate access.

13. Consider a Radiant Electric Cooktop Surface

Above: The look of this minimalist Stockholm apartment is streamlined by a smooth surface electric cooktop. Photograph via Design Attractor.

14. Use Vertically Stacked Subway Tile

Above: In a London apartment, architect Charles Mellersch tiled the walls in vertically stacked subway tiles to create a sense of loftiness.

15. Spec an Integrated Sink and Countertop

Above: An integrated stainless sink/countertop in a revamped Oakland carriage house by Christi Azevedo provides a seamless work area. See more at A California Carriage House Transformed.

16. Use Every Inch of Vertical Real Estate

Above: When Danielle Arceneaux overhauled her Park Slope kitchen, she added an additional shelf above her cabinets and gained space for displaying her bowl collection. See more at Reader Rehab: Danielle’s DIY Kitchen Remodel for Under $500.

For more small-space living ideas, see Radical Downsizing: High/Low Mini Kitchens and Race-Car-Style Appliances for the Compact Kitchen.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on September 18, 2015 as part of our Urban Life issue.