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Remodeling 101: 10 Geometric Stenciled Floors

September 10, 2013 6:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Are stenciled floors—once associated with colonial New England houses—making a comeback (especially in new abstract patterns)? We’re starting to think so. Here are 10 we’ve spotted (and admired) recently:

Above: A stenciled checkerboard effect in a project by Alvhem Makleri & Interior.

Above: Black painted geometric trim at The Goodhood Store on Coronet Street in London. Photograph by Julie Carlson for Remodelista.

Above: Natural wood floors with a wash of light gray checkerboard from the Oyoy look book in Fabrics & Linens from Danish Oyoy.

Above: A black stenciled floor from Portland-based photographer Parker Fitzgerald.

Above: We first came across the Bedford Post Inn in Westchester County on The Martha Blog back in 2009 and it’s still a favorite (especially the floors).

Above: Black and white geometric floors carry from the dining room into an open bedroom via SF Girl by Bay.

Above: Light oak wood floors are patterned in black triangles at Weekday in downtown Amsterdam, via Superfuture.

Above: An entryway painted in a diamond pattern in Tasmania; photo by Sharyn Cairns for Homelife.

Above: Le Depanneur, a new Parisian restaurant designed by David Rager and Cheri Messerli, features abstract geometric painted floors; photo by Valerie Dray for the New York Times.

Above: White-painted checkerboard squares in a rustic room via Cottage Living.

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