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12 Induction Cookers in Classic to Ultra-Modern Kitchens


12 Induction Cookers in Classic to Ultra-Modern Kitchens

September 18, 2023

Breaking news: My husband, Josh, and I recently took the plunge and switched to an environmentally friendlier induction range. Our 20-year-old gas range lived a full life but was starting to require yearly tinkering (fortunately, our chef neighbors were turning their garage into a second catering kitchen and were happy to take on our gas guzzler). We chose an Aga Elise Series 36-Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range (I’m a longtime Aga obsessive), and I’m happy to report we both love the functionality, the handsome design, and the improved air quality in the kitchen.

The gas-versus-induction debate—spurred on in the US by city legislation limiting the number of gas hookups in new construction and already in effect in NYC and CA—is no longer debatable. Induction cooktops and ranges, with their precise heat control, environmental friendliness, health benefits, and convenient cleaning is the wave of the future.

Though the benefits of switching to an induction stovetop (which you can read more about here) are obvious, if you’re waffling on the aesthetics, there are now a wide array of traditional-looking free-standing ranges from companies like Viking, Wolf, Aga, Bertazzoni, La Cornue, Ilve, Lacanche (Julianne Moore’s favorite brand), and Smeg.

Here are a dozen of our favorite kitchens featuring induction cooktops and free-standing ranges, all gathered from our archives:

the east london kitchen of pete monaghan and,cherish perez de tagle features an 17
Above: The East London kitchen of Pete Monaghan and,Cherish Perez de Tagle features an induction cooktop; for more, see Reighton Road in London: A Calm, Contemporary Revival of a Victorian Apartment.
12 Induction Cookers in Classic to UltraModern Kitchens portrait 9
Above: An unobtrusive induction stovetop in the Paris kitchen of Ochre designer Solenne de la Fouchardière. Read more in A Flat in Montmartre, Echoes of Chanel.
oak planks heartoak mejlborg aarhus dinesen showroom kitchen induction 1
Above: The Dinesen Showroom in the historic landmark building Mejlborg, in Aarhus, Denmark, features a free-standing kitchen island with an induction cooktop.
12 Induction Cookers in Classic to UltraModern Kitchens portrait 9
Above: The cooktop in the Paris loft of Hugo and Charlotte de Tonnac Sauzay (the husband-and-wife team at Festen Architecture) is fitted into the custom stainless-steel island, with an oven below. See more in Kitchen of the Week: An All-Stainless Design in a Paris Loft.
ask og eng custom bamboo kitchen oslo norway 5a 1
Above: A Bora Professional 3 Induction Cooktop and Extractor is inset in the bamboo-and-limestone kitchen counter of Kine Ask Stenersen and Krstoffer Eng (founders of Norway-based kitchen company Ask og Eng). For more, see Steal This Look: An Unexpected Bamboo Kithcen in Oslo, Norway.
12 Induction Cookers in Classic to UltraModern Kitchens portrait 9
Above: The kitchen of Parisian stylist/blogger Lucille Gauthier-Braud; for more, see A Sunny Ikea Kitchen in the Marais.
heju apartment paris diy minimalist kitchen with plywood cabinet fronts 1   1 733x1100
Above: Architect couple Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann of Heju created a compact kitchen in their 538-square-foot garret near Place de la Republic in Paris; for more, see The $4K Parisian Kitchen from Two DIY Experts.
swantje hinrichsen repurposed ikea kitchen 3   1 733x986
Above: In Münster, Germany, Swantje Hinrichsen and her boyfriend created a low-cost kitchen in their 1928 brick house; for more, see An Artful Kitchen Created from Reclaimed Ikea Parts, Extreme Budget Edition.
gesa hansen kitchen courances france from coming home to nature 3   1 733x977
Above: The kitchen of designer Gesa Hansen and restaurateur Charles Compagnon features a classic Smeg induction stove. Initially, Charles wanted a gas stove—but after considering the environmental benefits and recent advances in induction functionality, he now uses induction in all of his restaurants. Read more at Kitchen of the Week: Designer Gesa Hansen’s Restaurant-Inspired Rustic Kitchen in the French Countryside.
12 Induction Cookers in Classic to UltraModern Kitchens portrait 9
Above: Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. created a characterful kitchen in the Philadelphia boutique hotel Lokal using a countertop induction cooktop.
modern caravan airstream remodel itchen storage
Above: Ellen Prasse and Kate Oliver bought a vintage Airstream trailer and renovated it to include a tiny kitchen space featuring an induction cooktop. For more, see A Compact Kitchen in a Vintage Airstream Trailer.
12 Induction Cookers in Classic to UltraModern Kitchens portrait 9
Above: When remodeling his own apartment, architect Ben Allen of Studio Ben Allen aimed to transform the interior of the brutalist duplex into something warmer and more intimate.

For more on induction ranges, see:

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Frequently asked questions

What is an induction cooker?

An induction cooker is a type of stove that uses electromagnetism to heat cookware directly, making it a highly efficient and fast cooking option.

How does an induction cooker work?

Induction cookers generate an alternating magnetic field that creates electric currents in the cookware. This current produces heat, cooking the food quickly and evenly without heating the surface of the cooker.

What are the advantages of using an induction cooker?

Some advantages of induction cookers include faster cooking times, precise temperature control, energy efficiency, safety (cool surface), and easy cleanup due to the absence of open flames.

Can I use any cookware on an induction cooker?

Not all cookware is compatible with induction cookers. To work on induction, pots and pans must be made of magnetic materials like cast iron or stainless steel. Non-magnetic cookware, such as copper or glass, will not work.

Do induction cookers require special installation?

Induction cookers typically require a 220-240V electrical connection, so some homes may need to upgrade their electrical systems. Additionally, it's essential to have proper ventilation to dissipate the heat produced during cooking.

Do induction cookers save energy?

Yes, induction cookers are known for their energy efficiency. They heat up quickly, wasting less energy than traditional gas or electric stoves. Additionally, induction cooking only heats the cookware, not the whole cooking surface, further reducing energy consumption.

Are induction cookers safe to use?

Yes, induction cookers are considered safe to use. They have built-in safety features like auto shut-off when no cookware is detected, and the cooking surface remains cool to the touch, reducing the risk of burns.

Are induction cookers easy to clean?

Yes, induction cookers are easy to clean. Since the cooktop doesn't heat up excessively, spills and boil-overs are less likely to get burnt onto the surface. Most induction cookers have a smooth glass surface, making cleanup as simple as wiping with a damp cloth.

Can I install an induction cooker in any kitchen?

Induction cookers can be installed in most kitchens, but it's important to consider the electrical requirements and available space. Make sure to check the dimensions of the cooker and have a qualified electrician ensure your kitchen can accommodate the necessary electrical connection.

Do induction cookers require special cookware maintenance?

Induction cookers don't require special maintenance for the cookware itself. However, it's recommended to avoid dragging pots and pans across the glass surface to prevent scratching. Also, make sure the cookware's bottom is clean and free from residue to ensure optimal contact with the induction element.

Can I use induction cookers with pressure cookers or canning equipment?

Yes, induction cookers can be used with pressure cookers and canning equipment. However, it's important to ensure that the pressure cooker or canner is induction-compatible, meaning it has a magnetic base for proper heat transfer.

Are induction cookers expensive?

Induction cookers generally tend to be more expensive upfront compared to traditional stoves. However, their energy efficiency and potential long-term savings on utility bills can offset the initial investment.

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