Serious Clothing for Lighthearted People by

Issue 20 · The Northern Light · May 14, 2012

Serious Clothing for Lighthearted People

Issue 20 · The Northern Light · May 14, 2012

I discovered Lark a few years ago, during an online sleuthing rampage (I was in search of the perfect French striped sailor shirt), and I've been eyeing the shop ever since.

The Vancouver-based Lark features a gallery-like entryway equipped with a grand piano; clothing and accessories from lines like Paraboot, the legacy-based French shoe company; Vancouver jewelry designer Pyrrha; and Issey Miyake alum Yoshi Kondo are casually displayed throughout the loft-like interior. Lark focuses exclusively on lines with both a history and a purpose; clothing maintenance and the idea of garment longevity is also of utmost importance (they once hosted a Barbour jacket waxing workshop, and they've got numerous how-to guides on their blog). The fact that the store describes their mission as sourcing "serious clothing for lighthearted people" makes fashion seem less frivolous. To see more, go to Lark.

Photography from Lark on Flickr.

Above: Jackets, dresses, and cleaning supplies from The Laundress are on view in the entryway.

Above: Shoes by Zeha-Berlin; a brand resurrected by former East Germans Alexander Barré and Torsten Heine after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Above: A black grand piano and a few house plants add a residential feel to the interior.

Above: Ties by Harvard-film-grad-turned-accessory-designer Alexander Olch.

Above: Slip-on shoes hide beneath wooden stools in the minimal dressing rooms.

Above: The piano is available to anyone wishing to play a few tunes.

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