Invisible Plugs? Step 1: Recessed Outlets by

Issue 105 · Editors' Picks: 2013 · December 31, 2013

Invisible Plugs? Step 1: Recessed Outlets

Issue 105 · Editors' Picks: 2013 · December 31, 2013

We've all been there. You want to push a piece of furniture or a countertop appliance close to the wall and a protruding plug stands in the way. And let's not even talk about the wall-mounted flat-screen TV that requires unsightly cords and plugs but needs to sit flush against the wall. Here's a simple solution: recessed outlets. 

Wall Mount Flat Screen TV with art, Remodelista

Above: Notice the absence of cords connecting to the flat screen TV in this Brooklyn loft. Recessed outlets sit invisibly behind flush mount screens, keeping plugs and cords out of sight (for more guidance, go to 7 Secrets for Living with a Flat Screen TV, Cord Control Edition). Photograph by Ragnar Ómarsso via Skona Hem

Leviton Recessed Outlet, Remodelista

Above: You can push a dresser up to the wall and still use the plug that is tucked behind by sinking a standard two socket outlet into the wall. The Leviton Recessed Duplex Outlet is available in white, black, ivory, and almond; $9.66 at Amazon. 

Leviton Clock Hanger Recessed Outlet, Remodelista

Above: To be filed under "great practical ideas," the simple Leviton Recessed Single Outlet with Clock Hanger includes a hook for mounting clocks and other objects (like a piece of art with a picture light that needs power); $5.99 at Amazon.

Arlington Recessed Outlets In Kitchen, Remodelista

Above: Hiding outlets behind small appliances not only eliminates an eyesore but also helps gain counter space as the appliances can be pushed directly against the wall. The Arlington Recessed Electrical Outlet Mounting Box accommodates two-, four-, and six-plug receptacles (sold separately) and has a paintable coverplate for even more camouflage; prices start at $16.57 at Amazon.

Above: The Leviton Recessed Dual-Gang Duplex Receptacle with Six QuickPort Openings works well for wall-mounted flat screen TVs, wall units, and computer monitors. It manages multiple cords in a single location with connection points for AC power, audio, video, data, and phone; $20.95 at Kyle Designs.

Datacomm Recessed Outlet, Remodelista

Above: The Datacomm Recessed Media Plate with Duplex Receptacle features a super low-profile design that fits behind the thinnest mounts and  TVs; $20.95 at Amazon.

Another solution for eliminating electric socket eyesores in the kitchen? Flush pop-up outlets and flush pop-out outlets.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on May 3, 2013 as part Renovation and Reclamation.

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