Zero-Cost Wall Art, Pinboard Edition by

Issue 84 · In the Art Studio · August 9, 2013

Zero-Cost Wall Art, Pinboard Edition

Issue 84 · In the Art Studio · August 9, 2013

What is it about the universal appeal of a wall collage or pin board? It's both a source of inspiration and instant art of sorts. Whether it be pages torn from magazines or memos jotted down, a pinboard is a peek into the mind of the creator. Here's a round up of several on our radar.


Above: A collection of  moody blue images provide a backdrop to this table. Photograph via The Poetry of Material Things.

  LsDansLa Pin board

Above: A collage of images serve as inspiration. French stylist Aurélie Lécuyer's wall of images via Le Dans La.


Above: A mix of objects hangs from the wall in this photograph by Russell Smith via Desire to Inspire.

  Pinboard Matt Dick

Above: Textile designer Matt Dick's former studio with a wall of layered images.


Above: Vosges Paris blogger Desiree's Amsterdam apartment with images pasted on the wall above a clothes rack.

heidi swanson inspiration board

Above: 101 Cookbook's Heidi Swanson collects imagery for inspiration for her books.


Above: A wall of torn-out pages from magazines provides instant decor as a backdrop to this green sofa via Tina Hellberg.

TW pinboard

Above: Fashion and interiors designer Tracy Wilkinson's desk. Photograph by Brian Ferry for Freunde von Freunden.


Above: Ceramicist Kirstie Van Noort's desk with found objects grouped on the wall above.

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