La Vie en Rose: A Remodel in Paris by

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 12, 2013

La Vie en Rose: A Remodel in Paris

Issue 59 · L'Amour · February 12, 2013

Jorge Almada and Anne-Marie Midy, owners of the San Miguel de Allende-based Casamidy, decamped from Mexico to Europe not long ago. Their latest project? A renovation of a pied-à-terre in Paris that Midy, who is French, inherited from her grandmother when she passed the bac.

The apartment, located in a building that dates to 1620, originally belonged to her great grandfather, and although it was charming, at less than 400 square feet it was a challenge for more than one person to stay in comfortably. The couple had long debated removing the wall between the living area and the tiny bedroom, and when they gutted the ceiling and discovered 800-year-old beams, the decision was easy: expose the beams and open up the space.

N.B. Interested in renting the apartment? The couple is offering Remodelista readers a 10 percent discount (if you book in the next two weeks) on the $1,500/weekly rental fee; contact them directly at Casamidy.

Casamidy Rue Conde with Ixelles Table

Above: A Casamidy Ixelles Table with mirrored surface; you can see the 800-year-old oak beams reflected on the table top.

Casamidy Rue Conde Paris Apartment

Above: Removing the wall allowed more natural light to permeate the apartment.

Casamidy Rue Conde Paris

Above: Le Comte Settee with a basic clip-on light attached.

Casamidy Rue Conde Gilt edged mirror

Above: A gilt framed mirror above the mantelpiece

Casamidy Rue Conde Pairs oak beamed roof, Remodelista

Above: Midy and Almada flipped the floor plan, placing the bed in the former living space on the street side and the settee where the living area formerly was. The colored glass sconces on either side of the bed are a flea market find.

Casamidy Rue Conde Paris, Remodelista

Casamidy Rue Conde Paris, Remodelista

Above: The bed is placed on a custom-made platform with headboard, which creates two distinct living areas. The modern lamps on either side of the bed are from Atelier la Cambre in Brussels

Casamidy Rue Conde Paris, Remodelista

Above; Since the apartment is not a full-time residence, Midy decided to reduce the size of the kitchen, freeing up space to expand the bathroom

Casamidy Rue Conde Paris, Remodelista

Above: A view from the kitchen into the living area with the bed in the distance.

Casamidy Rue Conde Paris marble shower, Remodelista

Above: Midy doubled the size of the new, marble-clad bathroom with an over-sized shower (unusual for an apartment of this size).

Above: The 1620 building once belonged to the Prince de Conde, after whom the street is named.

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