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10 Summer Essentials Made from Recycled Sails

June 27, 2014 11:00 AM

BY Julie Carlson

Suddenly everywhere: products made from recycled sails. Here are 10 current favorites.

Above: The B7 Sail Cloth Lamp with White Leather Lacing is €366 from Birgit Oestergaard.

Above: The Butterfly Chair made from sailcloth is €585 from Airborne in France.

Above: The Nancy Recycled Sailcloth Bag is $65 from Etsy seller Bay Bags in Chesapeake Bay.

Above: The handmade Sail Cloth Pillow is $48 from Etsy seller Reiter 8 (more pillow designs made from recycled sailcloth available).

Above: The Do Laptop Bag from Save the C in Copenhagen is €189 (in the US, several bags from Save the C are available at Tiina the Store).

Above L: Custom Shade Sails from Trimm Copenhagen (prices start at €56). Above R: Laundry Baskets made from sails; €74 from Trimm Copenhagen.

Above: The limited edition Genois Mini Limited Beanbag from Dvelas is $315 from Mondo Collection.

Above: UK company Reefer has been upcycling retired sails since 2008; the Double Deckchair is £229.

Above: Second Wind Sails in Gloucester, MA, offers Custom Shower Curtains made from recycled sails; prices start at $250. Photo via QuerQuay.

Above: At Westward, a waterfront restaurant in Seattle, custom light fixtures have shades made from reclaimed sails.

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