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Remodeling 101: Pop-Out Outlets

September 25, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Janet Hall

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I’m always on the lookout for clever solutions to conceal outlet eyesores. My new favorite? Adorne’s pop-out outlets that hide flush with the wall when not in use.

Above: In addition to their disappearing act, Adorne outlets do triple-duty with a three-plug capacity in each outlet.

Above: The outlets are available in a choice of white or magnesium. The Adorne White Pop-Out Outlet is $39.98 and the Adorne Magnesium Pop-Out Outlet is $47.98, both at Lowe’s.

Above: Adorne Wall-Plates, sold separately, are offered in several colors and materials, ranging from metal to French oak to plastic. The Adorne 1-Gang Brushed Stainless Steel Wall-Plate (L) and the Adorne 1-Gang Soft-Touch Moss Grey Plastic Wall Plate (R) are $32.98 and $11.98, respectively, at Lowe’s.

Above: The Adorne Pop-Out Duplex Outlet offers three plugs in each outlet, enabling six plug connections in the 2-gang box. The outlets are available in white or magnesium (as shown); $53.98 at Lowe’s. Pair with the Adorne 2-Gang Brushed Stainless Steel Wall Plate ($53.98) or the Adorne 2-Gang Titanium Plastic Wall-Plate ($12.98). The outlets can also be paired with Adorne Switches and Dimmers.

Above: Just push on the box and the outlet pops out. 

Am I plug averse? I certainly admire Invisible Plugs and Hidden Electrical Sources.