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DIY: Wooden Beads as Cabinet Hardware

April 02, 2013 11:30 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

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Let's just make it official: the wooden bead is the most versatile object under an inch in size and a dollar in price.

To prove it, here's an example of large, unfinished wooden beads and a bronze nail used as cabinet pulls. For more uses for wooden beads, see DIY Video: Wooden Bead Trivet, Wooden Bead Hangers, a Wreath from Sweet Paul.

Above: Photograph from Brigg.

Above: A series of weekend projects (mason jars outfitted with leather straps and wooden bead pulls) and a vase of wild roses.

Above: Source an appropriate sized nail corresponding with the opening of your wooden beads from Home Depot, or for something more design forward, consider bronze Equilateral Nails; $28 for a box of four from Winsome Brave.

Above: Source 1-Inch Wooden Beads (with a 7/32-inch hole) for 10 cents each from Craft Parts.

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