ISSUE 70  |  Renovation and Reclamation

DIY: Lamps Made from Pallet Wood

May 02, 2013 3:30 PM

BY Meredith Swinehart

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Here’s a new one for the ever-expanding “Cool Uses for Pallet Wood” file.

UK woodworker Christopher Berry worked in the trade, in school, and at his father’s East Sussex workshop, where he produced high-quality replicas of early English furniture. He’s since traded the old oak of his father’s shop for pallet wood–a cheap shipping material that would otherwise go to waste–to embark on a definitively more modern undertaking.

With reclaimed wood in hand, Berry designed a simple, sleek lampshade that he now produces for his studio, FactoryTwentyOne. In an eco-friendly move, Berry streamlined the entire manufacturing process and now keeps shipping cost and volume down by delivering a shade that can be assembled at home. He assures us that the process is easy: no tools, glue, or screws are required. Use the shades with existing light fixtures; they’re perfect if you want to swap out unsightly shades that often come with a rental. 

To purchase, visit FactoryTwentyOne or Berry’s Etsy Shop.   

Above: Berry transforms rough materials into shades that are both modern and rustic. 
Above: The Small Shade is £34.99 and the Medium is £44.99. (Shipping to the US adds about £10.)
Above: Shown here with blue and red elastic cords; the cords are also available in black, green, orange, or white elastic.
Above: The large shade, ready for assembly.
Above: Says Berry, “I think about the manufacturing process and try to extract as much as possible.” 
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