DIY: A Concrete Stool for Five Dollars by

Issue 64 · Loft Living · March 22, 2013

DIY: A Concrete Stool for Five Dollars

Issue 64 · Loft Living · March 22, 2013

Our kitchen island is currently surrounded by three counter stools (to call them "rustic" is a stretch), and we are in dire need of an update. Here is an option I'm seriously considering: a Bucket Concrete Stool, dreamed up by Ben Uyeda, a designer, lecturer, and entrepreneur who makes (and shares) smart, affordable DIY design ideas on his site, Home Made Modern.

For step-by-step instruction, go to Home Made Modern.

Ben Uyeda Sands The Edges of Concrete Stool

Above: Uyeda uses a 120-grit sand paper to smooth the edges.

Ben Uyeda Dip Dyes the Stool Legs in White Paint, Remodelista

Above: The stool's legs are dip-dyed in white semi-gloss low VOC paint by using a cut-off plastic water bottle.

Ben Uyeda Adding Washers and Caps to Stool Legs, Remodelista

Above: In case your stool legs are uneven, add washers in the caps for any leg that is too short. It's recommended that you use construction adhesive to keep the pipe caps attached to the dowel legs.

Concrete Stool by DIY Site Home Made Modern, Remodelista

Above: The finished product.

Concrete Stool Supplies, Remodelista

Above: Supplies needed: Quikrete 5000 concrete mix, wooden dowels, 5 gallon plastic bucket, and copper pipe caps and washers.

Bucket Filled With Concrete And Dowels, Remodelista

Above: Put 3 inches of concrete mix in the bucket, shake out the bubbles, and add the dowel legs (1 1/2 inches past the surface of the concrete and let the legs rest against the sides of the bucket). After 20 hours of drying time you can bend the sides of the bucket outwards a few times in each direction to loosen the concrete from the bucket, then pull the stool out by the legs.

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