5 Favorites: Longevity-Promoting Standing Desks by

Issue 36 · Get to Work · September 6, 2012

5 Favorites: Longevity-Promoting Standing Desks

Issue 36 · Get to Work · September 6, 2012

Ever since we heard the bummer stats about the dangers of sitting and working (really? we're 40 percent more likely to die in the next three years by blogging for Remodelista?), we've been thinking about standing desks; here are five we're considering, in hopes of extending our lifespans.

Above: From San Francisco-based Ohio Furniture, the Adler Table takes "its cue from machinist tables built at the turn of the century." Made with hand-rubbed gun blue finish steel legs (a process that creates a black/blue patina finish and protects the raw steel against rust), the table can range in height from 27 to 42 inches, making it easy to change positions throughout the day. Prices for the Adler Table start at $1,925. Stay tuned for a visit to Ohio Design's studio tomorrow.


Above: The ModTable from MultiTable can be adjusted to a minimum height of 27 inches up to a max of 46 inches and comes in a variety of combos (the base is is available in black, white, silver, or red and the top is available in a variety of colors and finishes); ModTable combinations start at $599. Other configurations are also available, and a desk with a built-in Lifespan treadmill is on the way (you can preorder it for $1,699).

Standing Desk

Above: A custom Standing Desk from Tinkering Monkey is $750.

Gallant Desk

Above: A good budge option is Ikea's Gallant Desk, which comes with a choice of four different tops (white, gray, black, or birch veneer); $105.

SMI Wooden Drafting Table

Above: The solid oak SMI Wooden Drafting Table from Blick Art Materials doubles as a standing desk; prices start at $422 for a 42-inch-high, 30-inch-wide model.

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