ISSUE 74  |  The Kids Are All Right

10 Favorites: Creative Beds for Children

May 30, 2013 9:30 AM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

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A child’s bed is an opportunity to create a space of their own. From wall nooks to ladders, creative beds for children abound; here are 10 favorites. 

Above: A wood partition has been inserted into this room to created a quiet nook with storage underneath. Image via Home Design Board.

Above: In order to fit a bunk bed next to the window, London architect Michel Schranz of MSDA was left with an available width of 2 by 4s. Unable to find anything this narrow on the market, he decided to build his children’s bunk beds out of Douglas Fir floor boards he scavenged from a friend’s project. The ash posts are the only non-Douglas Fir elements. “Our children love it and they proudly show it to their friends,” Schranz says. “Sometimes the bookshelf unit becomes a pretend shop or cafe and sometimes the entire bed turns into a climbing frame.”

Above: There is an element of an ad-hoc tree house in this bedroom, featuring two mattresses on the floor and an elevated third mattress on an open slatted bed frame. Image via Decoracion Facilisimo.  

Above: A built in bed for a young fellow of nine (the wall sticker is changed every year to reflect his age); image via Happylines.

Above: A minimalist built-in bed for two in the Fosc House by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects.

Above: An enclosed box provides a fort for an aspiring pirate. Image via Hand Made Charlotte.

Above: Rooms within rooms provide bedroom spaces for children who live in lofts. Images via Lil and Cloe and Sassy Contessa.

Above: In back to back bedrooms, Canadian architects Christine Ho Ping Kong and Peter Tan from Studio Junction create a wall nook that is separated from the master bedroom by a sliding partition. To see the rest of the house, see Urban Alchemy in Toronto. Image via Studio Junction. 

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