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Trend Alert: Classical Statues in Interiors, 9 Favorites


Trend Alert: Classical Statues in Interiors, 9 Favorites

June 6, 2018

Noticed lately: classical sculptures and Roman busts in modern interiors. As designer Patrick Williams says about the statue in his East London apartment: “Many think it’s odd to have a Virgin and Child at the foot of one’s bed,” he says. “But I think she is very beautiful and peaceful, and is therefore essential.” Here are our favorite examples.

in the edinburgh georgian townhouse live/work space of scottish artist alison w 17
Above: In the Edinburgh Georgian townhouse live/work space of Scottish artist Alison Watt, architect Helen Lucas took a minimalist approach. For more, see House Call: A Georgian Townhouse in Edinburgh Remodeled for an Artist.
the aforementioned virgin and child at the foot of designer patrick williams&am 18
Above: The aforementioned Virgin and Child at the foot of designer Patrick Williams’s own bed in his 1850s East London apartment; see more at Out with the New: Reinventing the Past in a London Remodel.
architect johanna molineus pairs modern architectural details and design classi 19
Above: Architect Johanna Molineus pairs modern architectural details and design classics with vintage finds. Here, a bust adds a note of drama amid a row of collected antique silver pieces. For more, see A Minimalist Aerie for a Worldly Architect, London Edition.
a modern sculpture, faith by lucy glendinning, hangs above the centra 20
Above: A modern sculpture, Faith by Lucy Glendinning, hangs above the central dining area at At the Chapel, a former Congregational church from the 17th century in Somerset. “I wanted to make a piece which would work with the understated elegance of the minimalism of the interior design of the building, while in some way referring to its previous use,” says Glendinning. “So I used the white of the walls and made it very matte, to look like it was part of the wall it is mounted on. The figure has the palms forward and crossed feet to give reference to crucifix.”
chef frederik bille brahe and designer rune bruun johansen integrated statues b 21
Above: Chef Frederik Bille Brahe and designer Rune Bruun Johansen integrated statues borrowed from the Kunsthal Charlottenborg museum, where their restaurant, Apollo Bar & Kantine, is located. For more, see Reinventing the Museum Cafe: Apollo Bar & Kantine in Copenhagen.
at berdoulat & breakfast in bath, a venture from designer patrick williams, 22
Above: At Berdoulat & Breakfast in Bath, a venture from designer Patrick Williams, an antique Virgin and Child statue is seen indoors—this time in one of the room’s bathrooms. See Berdoulat & Breakfast: A B&B in Bath for more.
menorca designers quintana partners are known for their use of antiques and reu 23
Above: Menorca designers Quintana Partners are known for their use of antiques and reuse of quirky found objects. Here, in the kitchen of a renovated loft, two Grecian busts face one another on an antique dressing table.
it&#8\2\17;s no surprise that london antiques dealer will fisher of jamb li 24
Above: It’s no surprise that London antiques dealer Will Fisher of Jamb Limited would decorate each room with classical heads and figures. For more, see At Home with London’s Antiques Whisperer.
another statuary moment from apollo bar & kantine: their mascot, apollo, is 25
Above: Another statuary moment from Apollo Bar & Kantine: Their mascot, Apollo, is tucked into an alcove among bar seating.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the trend of classical statues in interiors?

Classical statues in interiors is a trend of incorporating traditional or antique sculptures into modern interior design.

Where can I find classical statues for my interiors?

You can find classical statues at antique stores, online marketplaces, and specialty art dealers.

What are some popular classical statues used in interiors?

Popular classical statues used in interiors include the Venus de Milo, Hermes, and busts of Roman emperors.

How can I incorporate classical statues into my modern home?

You can incorporate classical statues into your modern home by placing them in unexpected areas such as a bookshelf or mixed with contemporary decor.

What are some benefits of incorporating classical statues in interiors?

Incorporating classical statues in interiors can add a sense of history, sophistication, and elegance to your space.

Do classical statues have to be expensive?

Classical statues can range in price depending on the size, rarity, and condition. However, there are affordable options available.

Can I use replicas of classical statues in my interiors?

Yes, replicas of classical statues can be used in interiors as an affordable and practical alternative to originals.

Are there any design tips for using classical statues in interiors?

Design tips for using classical statues in interiors include avoiding clutter, using statues as statement pieces, and pairing them with complementary décor.

Are classical statues compatible with any interior design style?

Classical statues can be compatible with many interior design styles such as modern, traditional, and eclectic.

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