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New Directions: 18 Design Trends for 2018


New Directions: 18 Design Trends for 2018

January 2, 2018

From kitchen pegboard and high-gloss paint to ugly ceramics and intentionally messy tabletops: Our predictions for the interiors trends that will define 2018.

1. The Kitchen Booth

a new approach to the eat in kitchen: the revival of the \1950s kitchen booth a 17
Above: A new approach to the eat-in kitchen: The revival of the 1950s kitchen booth as seen here in the Los Feliz Hills kitchen by Tamar Barnoon.

2. Ceramic Trays

brickett davda white extra large ceramic tray b 3
Above: We’re starting to see more and more ceramic trays; case in point: Brickett Davda’s Extra Large Tray and trays from Ariane Prin.

3. Uncommon Midcentury Lighting

tired of easy to identify lighting (from serge mouille to lindsay adelman), des 19
Above: Tired of easy-to-identify lighting (from Serge Mouille to Lindsay Adelman), designers are seeking out unique vintage lights. Here, the home office of designer Kirill Bergart features a vintage midcentury clamp light, one of the many lights he sources and sells in his Los Angeles shop, County Ltd. Other examples are the various vintage French lights around Lucile Demory’s Paris apartment.

4. Ugly Ceramics

we&#8\2\17;re betting on the ugly ceramics trend. ugly—in a good way 20
Above: We’re betting on the ugly ceramics trend. Ugly—in a good way—ceramics in lumpy shapes, unrefined designs, and drab color palettes are looking fresh (don’t give away those 1970s heirlooms just yet). Shown are designer Dylan Bowen‘s slipware plates, available at Guild in New York and The New Craftsmen in the UK.

5. High-Gloss Ceilings

borrowing the high gloss look of dutch doors, designers are using the glossy fi 21
Above: Borrowing the high-gloss look of Dutch doors, designers are using the glossy finish on ceilings as seen in the Sound View Hotel piano bar, designed by Studio Tack. Roman & Williams’s new Guild also has high-gloss ceilings finished in a proprietary shade of dusty blue from Fine Paints of Europe.

6. The Messy Table

composed like a dutch old masters painting, dinner party tables with past their 22
Above: Composed like a Dutch old masters painting, dinner party tables with past-their-prime flowers, unironed linens, and intentionally unfussy food is becoming the new trend in entertaining among the fashion set. The look is practiced by of-the-moment designers like Clarisse Demory in Paris and Laila Gohar in New York, who stage dinner parties as an artistic medium. Photograph by Adrianna Glaviano, courtesy of Clarisse Demory.

7. Velvet Cushions

we&#8\2\17;ve been coveting velvet pillows for a while now so we&#8\2\1 23
Above: We’ve been coveting velvet pillows for a while now so we’re happy to see more of them from designers like Kristy McLay of KLAY, available at Best Wishes in New Zealand and Marie-France Cohen of Démodé in France.

8. Mignonette Green

the remodelista color of the year? mignonette green, a color we&#8\2\17;re  24
Above: The Remodelista color of the year? Mignonette Green, a color we’re starting to spot everywhere. Stay tuned. Photograph from Nobis Hotel Copenhagen: 11 Ideas to Steal for a Minimalist-Maximalist Interior.

9. Luxury Board Games

the next wave in luxury? games: hand painted dominoes, leather chess kits (like 25
Above: The next wave in luxury? Games: hand-painted dominoes, leather chess kits (like this one from Hender Scheme), gold playing cards, and more. See our recent roundup: 7 Glamorous Games for the Aesthete.

10. Murano Glass

New Directions 18 Design Trends for 2018 portrait 13
Above: Murano glass is everywhere; from new glass sets by Martino Gamper for Permanent Collection to Venice-based Yali Glassware lamps and homewares (discovered by Francesca). Keep an eye out for more in 2018.

11. Artisan Toothpaste

the artisan toothbrush had a moment, now it&#8\2\17;s time for its counterp 27
Above: The artisan toothbrush had a moment, now it’s time for its counterpart, the toothpaste tube, to take center stage. Two new ones we like: the Aesop Toothpaste Dentifrice and David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste.

12. Pegboard in the Kitchen

New Directions 18 Design Trends for 2018 portrait 13
Above: Julia Child gets full credit for the pegboard trend (brought to life in her 1961 Cambridge kitchen). Now, the useful storage solution is being replicated and refined in kitchens around the world. Here, a small kitchen in London by Undercover Architecture and another can be seen at Swantje Hinrichsen’s kitchen in Münster, Germany.

13. Shoppable Restaurants

everything on this table is for sale; that&#8\2\17;s the premise at la 29
Above: Everything on this table is for sale; that’s the premise at La Mercerie, the new restaurant from Marie-Aude Rose located at The Guild, Roman & Williams’s new emporium in SoHo, New York. We expect more restaurants to follow suit.

14. Wonky Jugs

the pressed textural jug from jochen holtz is free blown from borosilicate 30
Above: The Pressed Textural Jug from Jochen Holtz is free blown from borosilicate and has a textural pressed interior; it’s available from the New Craftsman. For something similar, consider the HAY Glass Jug from MoMA Store.

15. Tuareg Rugs

is the tuareg the new berber? we think so. you can find them at john deria 31
Above: Is the Tuareg the new Berber? We think so. You can find them at John Derian, among other outlets. Shown above is the rug in a dining room designed by White Arrow and Space Exploration (see another example in a room by Studio Tack). The rugs are handwoven from palm fiber and leather stripes by the Tuareg tribal people of Mauritania. Photograph by White Arrow.

16. Oil Lamps

the oil lamp is having a moment. for a longer lasting alternative to wax candle 32
Above: The oil lamp is having a moment. For a longer-lasting alternative to wax candles, designers such as Ilse Crawford (her new Holocene Oil Lamp is shown) are designing modern versions powered by oil. See more at 5 Favorites: Scandinavian-Style Oil Lanterns for Long Winter Nights.

17. Shaker Explosion

New Directions 18 Design Trends for 2018 portrait 13
Above: Shaker storage solutions are eminently practical, and we expect to see more in 2018. Here, a Shaker peg rail at Killiehuntly House in Scotland. You can also find plenty of storage ideas from the Shakers in our latest book Remodelista: The Organized Home: Simple, Stylish Storage Ideas for All Over the House.

18. Retro Tile

retro inspired bathroom tile (such as the health tile used in katie lockha 34
Above: Retro-inspired bathroom tile (such as the Health tile used in Katie Lockhart’s Auckland project) and just plain retro tile (like the vintage pink tile at Hotel Wanås in Skåne, Sweden, shown) is an emerging trend. Start scouring your local architectural salvage now.

See last year’s trends in our post Looking Ahead: 17 Design Trends for 2017 and this past fall’s trends in 10 New Design Developments on Our Radar for Fall 2017.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the interior design trends for 2018?

There are 18 interior design trends for 2018. These include rich colors, bold prints, maximalism, natural materials, curved furniture, vintage lighting, colored glass, statement ceilings, mixed metals, geometric shapes, sculptural furniture, dark kitchens, floral wallpapers, concrete accents, velvet, brass hardware, black and white decor, and spaces that blur indoor and outdoor living.

What are some of the colors that are trending in 2018?

In 2018, rich, bold colors such as deep blues, emerald greens, and dark reds are trending. Bright, vibrant hues like fuchsia and yellow are also popular.

What is maximalism?

Maximalism is a design style that embraces bold colors, patterns, and textures. It is the opposite of minimalism and encourages the use of multiple decor items and accessories to create a layered and opulent space.

What are natural materials in interior design?

Natural materials such as wood, stone, and organic textiles are used in interior design to create a sense of warmth and texture in a space. These materials are often sustainable and environmentally friendly.

What is statement ceiling?

A statement ceiling is a decorative element that draws attention upwards in a room. It can be achieved through the use of bold colors, patterns, or textures on the ceiling, or by adding decorative lighting or architectural elements such as beams.

What is dark kitchen?

Dark kitchens are a trend in 2018 that feature dark cabinetry, countertops and backsplashes. This creates a dramatic look that is bold and sophisticated.

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