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Trend Alert: Rustic Rag Rugs, New and Vintage


Trend Alert: Rustic Rag Rugs, New and Vintage

February 1, 2022

Noted of late: old-fashioned rag rugs are starting to turn up in all sorts of settings—and looking both cozy and fresh. Here’s a roundup of favorite woven and braided contemporary examples plus two vintage versions, all made from worn-out and scrap fabrics. Handy and looking for a project? Consider putting your own castoffs to creative reuse: here’s a good tutorial on how to turn rags to rugs.

Flatweave Rag Rugs

the vermont country store&#8\2\17;s cotton sturbridge woven rag rugs come i 17
Above: The Vermont Country Store’s cotton Sturbridge Woven Rag Rugs come in a range of colors as 24-by-36-inch mats for $24.95, and 24-by-72-inch runners for $39.95.
woven from old jeans, recycled denim rugs, measuring approximately 60 by 90 cen 18
Above: Woven from old jeans, Recycled Denim Rugs, measuring approximately 60-by-90 centimeters (23.6-by-35.4 inches) are £22 from UK reclamation champions Baileys Home.
this 33 by \2\2 inch early american rag rug, \$\195, is one of several vintage  19
Above: This 33-by-22-inch Early American Rag Rug, $195, is one of several vintage examples available at Nickey Kehoe in Los Angeles.
brooklyn antique textile specialist sharktooth always has an interesting array  20
Above: Brooklyn antique textile specialist Sharktooth always has an interesting array of rag rugs. Included in the current inventory: this midcentury cotton 25-by-76 inch Swedish Runner, $450. For more from Sharktooth, see the post we did with owner Kellen Tucker on How to Clean Woolen Blankets.
dash & albert offers an array of woven in india rag rugs, including this de 21
Above: Dash & Albert offers an array of woven-in-India rag rugs, including this Denim Wide Stripe Rug available in seven sizes, starting at 2-by-3 feet for $48.

Braided Rag Rugs

our latest favorite offerings from philadelphia furniture and lighting company  22
Above: Our latest favorite offerings from Philadelphia furniture and lighting company Lostine: the work of artist Olly Williams who uses old suiting fabric to make his one-of-a-kind designs. Olly’s 36-inch Round Rag Rug in Cobalt is $300. A description from Olly: “I remember the two rugs that graced the bare floors of our Missouri farmhouse in the 1930’s. They were made by my mother who turned worn-out wool clothing into strips and crocheted them. Soon after I retired in my seventies, I saw a kit for crocheting rag rugs. The wood crochet hook reminded me of the one my mother made from a hickory buggy wheel spoke. I bought the kit and now well into my nineties I have decided to make it a family tradition.”
this heavyweight rag rug is made in sweden by a design duo who use textile prod 23
Above: This heavyweight Rag Rug is made in Sweden by a design duo who use textile producers’ cotton jersey leftovers that would otherwise get tossed. It measures 98-by-32-inches, and is $1,105 from March in San Francisco.
another olly williams suiting fabric design from lostine, olly&#8\2\17;s re 24
Above: Another Olly Williams suiting fabric design from Lostine, Olly’s Rectangular Rag Rug in Black, Gray, and Navy is approximately 49-by-27 inches; $300.

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Frequently asked questions

What are rag rugs?

Rag rugs are carpets made from old clothing and fabric scraps. They were originally created as a way to reuse old fabrics, and they have been around for centuries as a thrifty, functional decor piece.

How do I make a rag rug?

To make a rag rug, you'll need a variety of old fabric scraps, a large piece of burlap, and a latch hook. Cut the fabric scraps into strips, then attach them to the burlap using the latch hook. Continue until the entire burlap is covered, then trim the edges and secure them in place. There are many tutorials available online for different styles of rag rugs.

What are the benefits of using a rag rug?

Rag rugs are a great way to add texture and color to a room while also being practical. They are often more affordable than traditional rugs, and their handmade quality makes them unique and special. They also provide insulation and soundproofing and can be easily washed and maintained.

Are rag rugs easy to clean?

Yes, rag rugs are easy to clean. They can be vacuumed or swept regularly to remove dirt and debris, and they can also be spot cleaned with a damp cloth or cleaned using a carpet cleaner. Some rag rugs are even machine washable.

Where can I purchase a rag rug?

Rag rugs can be purchased online or in stores that specialize in home decor and textiles. You can also find them at flea markets, vintage shops, and even on Etsy. Some people even make their own rag rugs as a DIY project.

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