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Launching Today: Here’s How to Become a Remodelista Member or Subscriber (Plus FAQs)


Launching Today: Here’s How to Become a Remodelista Member or Subscriber (Plus FAQs)

February 1, 2022
photography by matthew williams for remodelista, with styling by alex 17
Above: Photography by Matthew Williams for Remodelista, with styling by Alexa Hotz, from Before/After: A Remodelista’s Refreshed Parlor Floor Flat in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

Today we’re launching new membership and subscription offerings for the Remodelista family of sites (Remodelista, Gardenista, and The Organized Home), with new content, events, and features and an ad-free reading experience for subscribers, too. We hope you’ll join us! Read on for how to follow along.

Become a Member

Becoming a member is free, and for the next three months, members will have access to all daily posts and archive content, our new community forum, and monthly online events. Beginning in May, members can get five free posts per month on each site or upgrade to a subscription for unlimited access.

As you may have already noticed, when you visit one of our sites, you’ll encounter a pop-up window asking you to register; you can do this with your email address or using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. You’ll also see the list of Remodelista newsletters you can subscribe to. (Already a newsletter subscriber? You can skip this step.)

Here’s what the membership prompt looks like:

initial pico membership pop up page 18

If you’re registering with your email, it’s easiest to also create a password so you don’t have to log in using a magic link email each time. After verifying your email address, just go into the Edit Profile section by clicking on the green R in the lower right hand corner of any page, and add your password, like this:

edit profile pop up 19

What do you get by becoming a member? You’ll have access to a user dashboard where you can control your notification preferences and a “Help” button that offers a direct line to our inbox. And, you’ll have access to our new Remodelista Forums community bulletin board (more on that soon).

We’ll also be introducing new tools, features, and services in the coming months; with a membership, you’ll be the first to know.

Become a Subscriber

Ready to subscribe for unlimited articles, new content and features, and no ads? Click the link in the pop-up at any time to sign up for an ad-free subscription for $59.99/year (which works out to $5/month). You can find much more info on our subscription package—including events and offerings—right here.

If you want a multi-user subscription trade account for your office, click here.


Where can I log into my membership?

You can log in on any page of our website. Just click on our logo in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, and you’ll be prompted to enter the email tied to your account. Once you’re logged in, you can also click this button to access your account settings, including newsletter preferences.

If you attempt to read a story and are not logged in, you will see a button that says “Register for free to read the full story.” Click that, enter your email, and follow the instructions.

Do I need a password to access my account?

Nope! Our registration system does not require a password. Instead it uses a password-less login system called a “magic link.” By default, when you enter your email address, it will tell you to check your email inbox, open the email, and click the link. Remodelista will open up exactly where you left off, and you’ll be logged in.

I don’t like the magic link. Can I create a password?

Absolutely! Many people like the magic link system since it’s one less password to remember—but sometimes it’s easier not having to go to your inbox. To create a password, simply log in once using the magic link method and then click the logo in the right-hand corner. Select “edit profile” and create a password there. (See screenshot above.)

Does my login work across the three sites, or do I need to log in to each separately?

Yes, your login works across all the sites at once. When you login on any site, it will carry over to the others during that session. You shouldn’t have to log in again unless you are coming to the site from a different device.

What if I don’t register as a Member? What will I be able to see?

Non-members will be limited to seeing three posts per month beginning on February 1st. So registering as a Member now gives unlimited access until April 1st, and five free posts thereafter.

We hope you’ll join us! As always, let us know of any questions in the comments below.

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