Into the Wild: A Canadian Thanksgiving by

Issue 99 · Crowd Control · November 18, 2013

Into the Wild: A Canadian Thanksgiving

Issue 99 · Crowd Control · November 18, 2013

Every October, our friends at Vancouver's Le Marché St. George café and grocery celebrate Le Jour de l'Action de Grâce, the French-Canadian Thanksgiving, with verve. And, in anticipation of our own Thanksgiving, we take inspiration. Last year, they feasted in their Vancouver shop—see Thanksgiving Dinner at Le Marché St. George. This year, owners Pascal Roy and Janaki Larsen, and her sister Klee Larsen, set up camp on the Larsens' land in Eastern Washington State and spent three days in the wild, building fires, gathering foliage for the table, making things (including the dining table), and celebrating with friends and family.

Photography by Janaki & Klee Larsen for Le Marché St. George

The Le Marché Thanksgiving Table setting with Hand-drawn Place Markers Made by Le Marché Staff Member Mark Hall-Patch I Remodelista

Above: The table was set with plates and tumblers by Janaki Larsen (she's also a ceramic artist), along with wild posies gathered on the spot and burned paper booklets created by the Le Marché crew as Thanksgiving offerings. The knotted napkins are muslin painter's rags bought at the local hardware store.

The Le Marche Thanksgiving Table setting I Remodelista

Above: Positioned to provide wide open views, the Thanksgiving table was built from construction lumber wrapped in a giant painter's canvas drop cloth and paired with Ikea folding chairs. The hurricane lanterns came from a local thrift shop.

Part of the Thanksgiving Dinner Table Setting: Ceramic Dinnerware by Janaki Larsen I Remodelista

Above: Autumn flowers in a posy. The hand-drawn leaf place markers are the work of Le Marché staff member Mark Hall-Patch.

Mashed Potatoes, Campfire roasted Vegetables, Grilled Asparagus - All Part of the Le Marché Thanksgiving Feast I Remodelista

Above: On the menu: mashed potatoes with dill, campfire roasted vegetables (including artichokes), grilled asparagus, and barbecued chicken.

Fresh Cranberries in a Silver Bowl I Remodelista

Above: Fresh cranberries for a sauce made with plums. 

Bread by Nelson the Seagull in Vancouver, and Raw Sheep Cheese by Clare Paris of Larkhaven Farmstead I Remodelista

Above: Bread baked by Nelson the Seagull in Vancouver paired with raw sheep cheese from Clare Paris's Larkhaven Farmstead in Washington, a favorite of the Le Marché party.

Campfire Roasted Apples Part of Breakfast the Morning After Thanksgiving I Remodelista

Above: Campfire-roasted apples, along with yogurt, granola, and salted caramel sauce, were served for breakfast. 

Patricia Larsen in the Midst of Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner over the Fire I Remodelista

Above: Janaki and Klee's mother, painter Patricia Larsen prepares Thanksgiving dinner: roasted parsnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers, asparagus, accompanied by barbecued chicken. 

A Striped Wool Moroccan Djellaba laying on the Thanksgiving Dinner Table of Le Marche I Remodelista  

Above: A bouquet of sage grass on a striped wool Djellaba, a Moroccan robe, was brought back from Morocco as a gift to Janaki by her friends Richelle and Shawn Greibel. In this setting, hurricane lamps are essential.

  A Wooden Bowl via Le Marche I Remodelista

Above: "The sun is so strong on the property that it's perfect for bleaching woods," says Janaki. "Every time we visit, I bring something that I want to gray out—this is an old wooden bowl I've been graying for a while." The bowl is filled with artichokes and eucalyptus. 

Beer by Alpine Brewing in Oroville, WA to go with Le Marche Thanksgiving Dinner I Remodelista

Above: Along with wild greenery, the key accompaniment to the feast: unpasteurized Oktoberfest beer made by Alpine Brewing in Oroville, WA; owner and brewmaster Bart Traubeck has become a friend of the Larsens.

Patricia Larsen on a Hunt for Natural Art Supplies for the Le Marche Thanksgiving Weekend I Remodelista

Above: Patricia heads out on a hunt for natural art supplies. The canvas prospector tent in the  background served as guest quarters for friends who made the trek from Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Patricia Larsen of Le Marche St. Geroge Looking for Natural Art Supplies I Remodelista

Above: A 1969 Airstream Land Yacht stays parked on the property and provides family lodging. 

Staff member Mandy Making a Burnt Booklet I Remodelista

Above: Le Marché staff member Mandy creates a burnt booklet (from old paper and campfire embers) at a table set up for art activities.           

Ceramic Dinnerware by Janaki Larsen, and a Burnt Booklets From Old Books old and Embers I Remodelista

Above: A ceramic plate made by Janaki Larsen.

Heading to Vancouver, BC? Don't miss Le Marché St. George.

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