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Italian Design Through a Modern Lens, via Eligo in Milan


Italian Design Through a Modern Lens, via Eligo in Milan

September 19, 2016

Milanese design company Eligo specializes in Italian craftsmanship via local cultures and traditions—from Sardinia to Liguria—and long-established Italian brands such as Scarperia and Berti (knives), and Busatti (fabrics). From Alberto Nespoli, Domenico Rocca, and Leo Prusicki (the three have worked as design firm, Segno Italiano, since 2010), housewares are designed and curated under the mantra “Italian beauty is timeless.” We couldn’t agree more.

eligo chiavari novecento chairs 17

Above: Ultralightweight Chiavari chairs were first designed in 1807 by a cabinetmaker in Chiavari, a small town in Liguria. Working with one of the last remaining craftsmen, Adriano Podestà, Eligo produces a range of Chiavari chairs; shown is the Novecento Chair€890 ($992).

eligo tableware and cookware 18

Above: Empoli Green Glass, a traditional style of Tuscan glassware, gets its deep green color from the high iron-oxide content of local river and ocean sand. Shown is the Ice Cruet in green, currently on sale for €100 ($112) down from €200 ($223). Next to it: copper kitchenware from Ramaiolo Tridentine in Trento.

eligo chiavari novecento chairs 19

Above: A table setting complete with Brescia Pewter serving-ware and glasses.

eligo chiavari 3 arches chair 20

Above: The 3 Arches Chair, another lightweight Chiavari chair, is available in a range of glossy colors; €1,050 ($1,170).

eligo berti italian knives 21

Above: A collection of knives from Italian company Scarperia, which has been producing handmade knives in Florence for more than 600 years.

eligo chiavari novecento chairs 22

Above: A round Pewter Bowl, €65 ($72); a yellow Empoli glass vase; and Triumph with Single/Mixed Fruits by Este Ceramics, €800 ($892).

eligo chiavari tigullina armchair 23

Above: The Novecento Armchair, shown in a natural wood frame is €1,450 ($1,617).

eligo la tripolina chairs 24

Above: The Tripolina chair was originally designed by American inventor Joseph B. Fenby, then produced by the Viganò firm in Tripoli, Libya, for the Italian market. From then on, the chair gained icon status in Italy. Shown is the La Tripolina in Dark Green with a natural base and La Tripolina in Ocra with a stained base; €285 ($317) each.

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