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The Modern Menorah: 10 Minimalist Designs for Hanukkah (and More)


The Modern Menorah: 10 Minimalist Designs for Hanukkah (and More)

December 17, 2019

Menorahs made of bicycle chain, cupcake-shaped menorahs, copper piping menorahs: there’s no shortage of modern options on the market, but finding the ones we’d like to live with takes some searching. In time for Hanukkah—December 22-30 this year—here are our current favorites: menorahs that are thoughtfully designed, glamorous, and, in many cases, versatile enough to be put to use year-round.

this year we were happy to discover that after a hiatus, areaware&#8\2\17;s 17
Above: This year we were happy to discover that after a hiatus, Areaware’s Josh Owen Blackened Cast-Iron Menorah is back in production and widely available, including at Food52 on sale for $100, and from Burke Decor for $125. The design holds a place dear to my heart: it was the subject of my first Remodelista post back in 2010 (when it was priced at $150, go figure).
best known for her glazed stoneware bells and wall hangings, new york ceramic a 18
Above: Best known for her glazed stoneware bells and wall hangings, New York ceramic artist Michele Quan clearly loves menorahs: she currently offers seven variations of her semi-circular design. This one is the Full Moon Menorah; $345 directly from Quan.
a modern classic from march in san francisco, the march brass menorah, \$\2,500 19
Above: A modern classic from March in San Francisco, the March Brass Menorah, $2,500, has nine movable candleholders on a tray—so the pieces can be used on their own in different configurations. The tallest holder is for the shammash, the attendant candle used to light the others. Silver and patinated steel versions of the design are also available.
bordeaux based french designer william guillon specializes in functional bronze 20
Above: Bordeaux-based French designer William Guillon specializes in functional bronze sculptures and accessories and has an affinity for “black and darkness.” His menorah-like, seven-candle Play with Fire is available from Galerie Philia of New York and Geneva; inquire for pricing.
brussels design studio avandi&#8\2\17;s counting menorah is composed of nin 21
Above: Brussels design studio Avandi’s Counting Menorah is composed of nine freestanding candlesticks of turned brass that take on a patina over time; $425 from WorkOf.
from dutch design studio moooi, the roderick vos bold metal menorah is made of  22
Above: From Dutch design studio Moooi, the Roderick Vos Bold Metal Menorah is made of laser-cut sheet metal and comes in black or white (note that it holds seven candles instead of the traditional nine). It’s currently $308 (marked down from $440) from Perigold, which also sells Mooi’s Menorah Bold Black Candles.
from ireland, superfolk&#8\2\17;s meander candleholder can be special order 23
Above: From Ireland, Superfolk’s Meander candleholder can be special ordered with slots for nine candles (as shown). Five- and three-candle versions are currently available for €160 and €90 in black patinated copper and brass from Superfolk. Go to House Call: At Home in County Mayo to see the design displayed on a wall and table in the Superfolk stone cottage.
new from the citizenry: the puebla marble modern menorah set, \$\275, is h 24
Above: New from The Citizenry: the Puebla Marble Modern Menorah Set, $275, is hand carved in Puebla, Mexico, of matte black marble. Its nine freestanding pieces—eight uniformly sized and one shammash—can be arranged and put to use all sorts of ways.
made by planbureau, a budapest design collective, the logifaces menorah is a pu 25
Above: Made by Planbureau, a Budapest design collective, the Logifaces Menorah is a puzzle-like set of eight angled concrete pieces plus one flat-topped shammash that can be put together in myriad combinations, including a Jewish star. It’s $75 from Ameico.
laura aviva of l&#8\2\17;aviva home lines up her hammered copper cobre 26
Above: Laura Aviva of L’Aviva Home lines up her hammered copper Cobre Candle Holders as a freestanding menorah. A set of six assorted sized candleholders is $244 at L’Aviva Home, additional Cobre Candle Holders are available in three sizes starting at $76 a pair.

Featured photograph of the Josh Owen Areaware menorah via Food52.

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