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13 Boutique Paint Companies from Around the World


13 Boutique Paint Companies from Around the World

July 27, 2015

Just as colors evoke places, paints from around the world speak in irresistible foreign accents. At least we think so–which explains why admiring the offerings from stylish, far-away paint companies is a favorite pastime around here. True, we’re unlikely to be able to bring a quart home, but we love looking.

Join the club: Here are some of our favorites from the Remodelista greatest-hits archive (and several of these brands now have US vendors).


Above: Konig Colours: A New Line of Eco Paints from England’s First Family of Design.

Above: Ecos Paints from 5 Favorites: British Boutique Paint Companies.

Above: Back to Nature: The Appeal of Linseed Paints

Above: Instant Patina: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Above: Marston-Langinger’s Luxe Line of 84 Exterior Colors.

Above: From Plain English: Bespoke Color Created by an Accidental Decorator.

Australia and New Zealand

Above: BioPaints from 5 Boutique Paint Lines from Down Under.

Above: Sydney Harbour Paint Company was founded as Porter’s Paints in Australia and has showrooms in New York and California. (LA designer Amanda Pays swears by Sydney Harbour Paints–take a look at her LA Laundry Room.)

Above: DIY: Paint Chip Mural from Murobond.


Above: The Unbuttoned Palette: Ressource’s Sexy Paint Colors from Paris.

The Netherlands

Above: Replicate the Glossy Doors of Amsterdam Using Fine Paints of Europe. The company’s imported-from-Holland paints are available in the US; after reading our post about its Dutch Door Paint Kit, I used it on my own front door and love the results.


Above: Every architect’s dream: kt.Color of Switzerland’s hand-mixed pigment paints, particularly the company’s colors licensed from Fondation Le Corbusier. The collection includes his 17 variations on white. These paints come at a cost: A Fan Deck alone (of 81 hand-painted Le Corbusier color samples) is €400 ($438.96).


Above: Remodeling 101: Limewash Paint. These are available in the US–see Justine’s DIY Project: Limewashed Walls for Modern Times.

Go to Palette & Paints to explore more of our favorites, including:

Need to paint your house? Go to Gardenista for help choosing the right color.


This post is an update; it originally appeared on April 24, 2015, as part of our Primary Colors issue.

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