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10 Easy Pieces: German-Designed Flatware


10 Easy Pieces: German-Designed Flatware

February 28, 2018

The first German-designed flatware we fell for was from Carl Pott, the famed midcentury designer, but after some digging, we discovered a range of equally compelling German-designed flatware. Solingen in North Rhine-Westphalia, we discovered, is known for its cutlery manufacturing—pair that with a penchant for precision and you’ve got a winning formula. Here are our favorites.

the thomas feichtner studio no. \19\2 flatware is made of solid silver for jaro 17
Above: The Thomas Feichtner Studio No. 192 Flatware is made of solid silver for Jarosinski & Vaugoin of Austria and is available to order directly through the company.
eichenlaub flatware, forged in solingen, germany, are each made from a single p 18
Above: Eichenlaub Flatware, forged in Solingen, Germany, are each made from a single piece of stainless steel and finished with wood, horn, or acrylic handles. The set shown here, in light oak, is available in Japan at Arts & Science and online at Scharfer Laden in Germany; €53.10 per piece.

the pott no. 35 five piece place setting was designed by carl pott in \1979 wit 19
Above: The Pott no. 35 Five-Piece Place Setting was designed by Carl Pott in 1979 with a geometric shape and matte finish stainless steel; $410 for the set at Kneen & Co.
from geweso in solingen, germany, the spatan flatware is made of \18/\10 c 20
Above: From Geweso in Solingen, Germany, the Spatan Flatware is made of 18/10 chrome-nickel-steel and has a stainless satin finish; €183.95 for a set of 24 pieces from Geweso. The Spaten style dates back to the 1950s.
the carl mertens senso sky flatware is sold as a 30 piece set for €3\20. 21
Above: The Carl Mertens Senso Sky Flatware is sold as a 30-piece set for €320.
the picard & wielpütz ticino cutlery set was once used on deutsche luf 22
Above: The Picard & Wielpütz Ticino Cutlery Set was once used on Deutsche Lufthansa before plastic utensils replaced cutlery on airplanes. The four-piece set is €217 at Manufactum.
the most sold flatware in germany, peter raacke&#8\2\17;s mono a flatw 23
Above: The most-sold flatware in Germany, Peter Raacke’s Mono-a Flatware (shown in the version with a long knife) is €120 per set from Mono. For a look at the same style with an ebony handle, see our post 10 Easy Pieces: Bistro-Style Stainless Flatware.
the carl pott pott 33 flatware from \1975 is weighty, has a horizontal etch at  24
Above: The Carl Pott Pott 33 Flatware from 1975 is weighty, has a horizontal etch at the base, and a five-tined fork. Made in Mettmann, Germany, the five-piece set is $380 at Horne. Photograph by Heidi Swanson, who formerly carried the set at her shop Quitokeeto.
the thomas feichtner–designed fina flatware in stainless steel was  25
Above: The Thomas Feichtner–designed Fina Flatware in stainless steel was made for German shop Carl Mertens and is available through a seller on Amazon; $124 for the four-piece set.
the herder breakfast cutlery is made by robert herder in solingen, germany 26
Above: The Herder Breakfast Cutlery is made by Robert Herder in Solingen, Germany with a knife that has a “buckelsklinge” (blunt-rounded blade); €56 for the fork-and-knife set at Manufactum.
the worpswede 4 piece flatware set from carl mertens has a hollow handle and ha 27
Above: The Worpswede 4-Piece Flatware Set from Carl Mertens has a hollow handle and has been produced since 1932; €89 at Carl Mertens.
the gehring spaten table cutlery from gehring in solingen is another spaten sty 28
Above: The Gehring Spaten Table Cutlery from Gehring in Solingen is another Spaten style set of flatware; €39 at Manufactum.
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