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10 Easy Pieces: Traditional Georgian-Style Flatware


10 Easy Pieces: Traditional Georgian-Style Flatware

October 11, 2017

When my mother told me I needed flatware on my wedding registry, I spiraled into self-doubt. Somehow flatware became a metaphor for identity (was I “everyday stainless” or “special occasion silver”?). I worried about going in the wrong direction, and wondered if dinner parties would be weird (or cool) with a formal-feeling set. I ended up going for something in between (a traditional style with a worn-in look), but in the process of deciding uncovered a world of traditional Georgian-inspired styles. Here are our favorites:

the serax surface flatware is designed by dutch chef sergio herman and availabl 17
Above: The Serax Surface Flatware is designed by Dutch chef Sergio Herman and available through Serax or Merci in Paris. Prices range from €8 ($10) for the coffee spoon (far right) to €22 ($25.96) for the large knife at Merci.
the sambonet baguette vintage stainless steel flatware is \$80 for a five piece 18
Above: The Sambonet Baguette Vintage Stainless Steel Flatware is $80 for a five-piece setting at Sambonet.
the mepra dolce vita stainless steel flatware is made in italy and available fo 19
Above: The Mepra Dolce Vita Stainless Steel Flatware is made in Italy and available for $55 at March. It also comes in a Vintage Pewter finish (my pick).
on the high end of the spectrum, match pewter&#8\2\17;s olivia flatwar 20
Above: On the high end of the spectrum, Match Pewter’s Olivia Flatware Set is $325 at Food 52.
the astier de villatte silverplate titanium flatware is \$\155 for a set at huz 21
Above: The Astier de Villatte Silverplate Titanium Flatware is $155 for a set at Huzza. You can also buy individual pieces at ABC Carpet & Home.
the chambly perles silver flatware is made in france with a beaded design; \$35 22
Above: The Chambly Perles Silver Flatware is made in France with a beaded design; $357 at Quitokeeto.
another style from mepra is the brescia pewter flatware; \$57.\25 at amazon.&#x 23
Above: Another style from Mepra is the Brescia Pewter Flatware; $57.25 at Amazon. Above: Crate & Barrel’s Lucca 5-Piece Flatware Place Setting is the Mepra Brescia style in a lighter finish; $39.95.
the knindustrie brick lane cutlery starts at €3.40 (\$4) for a teas 24
Above: The knIndustrie Brick Lane Cutlery starts at €3.40 ($4) for a teaspoon at Dopo Domani.
another style from match pewter is the violetta flatware; \$\270 at horne. 25
Above: Another style from Match Pewter is the Violetta Flatware; $270 at Horne.
the blanchere group baguette (justine&#8\2\17;s flatware) is \$340 for the  26
Above: The Blanchere Group Baguette (Justine’s flatware) is $340 for the 5-piece set of silver and $196 for the stainless set.
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