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Beyond Carrara: 12 Splashy Marble Baths

March 05, 2014 4:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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I first took note of the burgeoning ugly marble trend last year, and ever since I’ve been visiting salvage yards in search of marble scraps and stopping at old downtown buildings (just to soak up the pink marble lobby walls). It’s clear that Carrara is no longer the only option for aesthetes with an ample budget. Perhaps the best room to experiment with richly veined slabs is in the bath, a finite space well suited to marble everything.

Above: A dramatic marble bath in an East Village townhouse designed by Selldorf Architects.

Above: A multi-marble bathroom in a London house in Cleveland Square by Colin Radcliffe.

Above: A wild patchwork of pink Flor di Pesco marble in a London Victorian townhouse by Rundell Associates.

Above: From the same Rundell Associates project in London, a master bathroom clad in Brescia Violetta, an extremely rare marble

Above: A custom bathroom sink with dark veined marble from Italian design company Altamarea.

Above: Roman & Williams‘ design for the bathrooms at New York’s Viceroy Hotel feature intricate marble tiling.

Above: A penthouse bath by designer David Hicks features a richly-veined marble sink; see it in 10 Favorites: Exotic Marble in Modern Spaces.

Above: Salumi-like marble walls and countertops in a bath by architect Pierre Yovanovitch. (When we last posted on ugly marble, a reader told us that the marble Baths of Diocletian in Rome remind him of prosciutto and other cured meat. Now we know what he means.)

Above: A marble bath in a Collector’s NYC Townhouse designed by Selldorf Architects and featured in 10 Favorites: Exotic Marble in Modern Spaces.

Above: A slightly pink-tinted marble in a bathroom designed by Gilles & Boissier.

Above: A bathtub in a Topanga Canyon, CA, house designed by Barbara Bestor.

Above: Another way to splash out: marbled wallpaper, seen here in a bathroom via Lonny Magazine.

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