ISSUE 46  |  Concrete & Sheepskin

House Call: Kjerstis Lykke’s Kitchen in Norway

November 19, 2010 11:15 AM

BY Julie Carlson

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Photographer and interiors stylist Kjerstis Lykke lives on the island of Tonsberg in the Norwegian archipelago; her kitchen features all sorts of genius—and economical—storage ideas, most of them easily replicated with a quick trip to the hardware store. For more ideas, go to Kjerstis Lykke.

Above: A branch propped between two shelf supports makes an instant kitchen storage rail with the addition of S hooks.

Above: Black drinking straws—why didn't we think of that? A box of 250 Black Jumbo Solo Drinking Straws is $9.95 at Amazon. Also, black labels look chic affixed to storage jars.

Above: A length of twine strung between two shelf supports makes a tea towel holder.

Above: Undercounter hooks serve as tea towel holders.

Above: Small wooden crates function as countertop clutter containers.

Above: A DIY message center on the side of the fridge; to source the elements, go to Design Sleuth: Hanging Chalkboard.