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DIY: Birch Branch Floor Lamp

November 12, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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Irene Finne, who writes the blog Lopelilla, created a clever floor lamp using a large branch from the woods that lie just beyond her front door in Vestlandet, Norway. For those of us who live a less charmed life, we might need to source a branch from the internet. The good news is we can.

Finne, who takes a stark, Nordic approach to design, used a large branch to create her lamp base and knitted the accompanying lamp shade using a rib stitch pattern. Build your own lamp with help from Grand Brass, our sources below, or have it custom made from Dog Fork.

Above: Photograph via Loppelilla (see House Call: Christmas Decor by Lopelilla).

Above: Source a Custom Scalloped Lampshade Frame, starting at $22, and other circular frames from eBay.

Above: Rowan’s Lima Yarn is made up of mostly baby alpaca blended with merino wool and nylon; available through Rowan. Image via Noekkeon’s Blog.

Above: A Nickel-Plated Regular Duty Lamp Harp with Saddle (L) and Dark Antique Finished Regular Duty Lamp Harp with Saddle (R) both range from $1.75 to $2 from Grand Brass.

Above: For those living in rural areas or with access to birch bark, source that perfect branch naturally. For urbanites, find Decorative Birch Poles for $42 from Birch Logs.

Above: A 10-Foot Twisted Two Conductor Wire Cord Set features an 18-gauge wire covered in fabric (shown here in gold and gray) and an antique-style polarized plug; $10 each from Grand Brass. In addition to the cord set, see all the available bulb sockets from Grand Brass.

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