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Best of Kitchen and Bath Remodels, Archive Edition

September 11, 2013 3:00 PM

BY Remodelista Team

At Remodelista, we always appreciate a carefully considered coat of white paint and a bit of rusticity; here are six of our favorite kitchens and baths from our archives. The white paint will set you up with an airy blank slate, and the rusticity will flatter whatever you add next–be it pricey antiques or a modern Ikea sofa–and will help keep your design from looking too precious. We recommend this simple two-step strategy without reservation. 


Above: Oakland-based Jamie Kidson created a light and airy breakfast room in her 1935 Mission Revival-style home. To see more of the project, go to House of Spirits: Jamie Kidson’s Mission Revival in Oakland

Above: Designer and artist Paula Greif endeavored to make everything in her Brooklyn kitchen by hand; a hooked rug lies in front of the stove, and Greif’s ceramics dot the open shelves. Her inspiration was Alexander Calder, who “extended his creativity to every corner of his existence.” For all of Greif’s hand-hewn details, see The Handmade Kitchen: Paula Greif in Brooklyn

Above: This Maine kitchen’s shiplap walls connote the cabin’s nautical past, while new Vermont soapstone counters, open display shelving, and modern appliances set it firmly in the 21st century. For more on the kitchen, see A Cottage Reborn in Rural Maine.


Above: Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory member Sheila Narusawa Architects applied a traditional Cape Cod look to this Orleans, Massachusetts remodel. For tips on recreating the look, see Steal This Look: Simple Cape Cod Bath

Above: This remodeled bath in a former general store in rural Maine channels a seaside cottage. A simple oil painting against shiplap walls completes the look. For more, see A Cottage Reborn in Rural Maine

Above: A vintage rug and translucent ochre curtains give designer Estee Stanley’s bath an old-world look, but the home is located in the bustle of central LA. For details on the remodel and Stanley’s cream-colored walls, see LA Woman: At Home with Hollywood’s Style Guru.

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