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LA Woman: At Home with Hollywood’s Style Guru


LA Woman: At Home with Hollywood’s Style Guru

September 10, 2012

LA-based Estee Stanley advises Ashley Olsen and Jessica Biel on style matters and calls Justin Timberlake "the brother I never had." What's the draw? Her aesthetic is subtle and sophisticated; she favors faded over fadish, and she takes a commonsense approach ("I never want my clients to spend money on something they're not going to love in 10 years," she says. "I want everything to be sexy and comfortable"). Join us on a tour of her Hancock Park house, a labor of love (and economy).

Stanley is nothing if not practical (and brutally honest). "I wanted to live in Hancock Park, and a $3 million house was not in my budget. I'm not one for small-space living," she says. So when she happened upon a 4,500-square-foot rental duplex on the edge of her desired neighborhood, she took a leap of faith. "I lived in the upstairs apartment and started renovating one room at a time. I added a staircase, ripped out walls, and reconfigured the living room. One step at a time."

To see more of her work, go to Estee Stanley Styling & Interior Design.

N.B.: Maybe you already know this, but Timberlake and Stanley have collaborated on a collection for HomeMint, featuring goods from some our favorite designers (Matteo linens, Swans Island, and Canvas) at appealing prices.

Photography by Laure Joliet.

700 estee stanley curved sofa

Above: Stanley likes a faded, been-there-forever look; the rug is from Lawrence of La Brea.

700 estee stanley white piano

Above: "I take my design cues from Europe," Stanley says. "Nothing matches exactly. I like to use a mix of pieces—a sofa and a white baby grand piano from my grandmother, for example."

700 estee stanley flowers

Above: A Brahms Mount Arcadia Melon Blanket, hand woven in Maine from cotton and linen, is on offer at HomeMint.

700 estee stanlee settee

Above: A live-edge coffee table coincides with a sinuous linen-covered chaise.

700 estee stanley mirror fireplace

Above: Stanley layers mementos to create a sense of timelessness.

700 estee stanley willow wallpaper kitchen view

Above: Stanley papered a wall in Willow Boughs, a classic William Morris pattern.

700 estee stanley kitchen counter

Above: An essential element for entertaining: a wine refrigerator.

700 estee stanley kitchen diner

Above: A giant railway clock keeps time in the kitchen.700 estee stanley light

Above: "I hate normal lighting," Stanley says. "All my lighting comes from vintage sources like 1st Dibs and Obsolete in Los Angeles."

700 estee stanley kitchen stools

Above: French barstools, marble countertops: are we in Paris?

700 dining room estee stanley 2

Above: Stanley is known for her entertaining prowess; a necessity: the formal dining room.

700 estee stanley bedside table

Above: The Old World look continues in the master bedroom.

700 estee stanley bedroom potted plant 2

Above: A rumpled leather sofa bookends the bed.

700 estee stanley portrait

Above: A vintage carpet, a portrait, a skull animate a corner of the bedroom.

700 estee stanley bath

Above: Stanley's bath features traditional window treatments and a vintage carpet.

700 estee stanley blue nursery

Above: Even the children's rooms have a sophisticated edge.

700 estee stanley kids sofa

Above: The vintage overdyed nuLoom pillow is available from HomeMint.

700 estee stanley teepee

Above: A canvas teepee provides an instant hideaway.

700 estee stanley birdhouses

Above: A collection of birdhouse lights.

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