ISSUE 88  |  Low-Key Fashion

A Mundane Material as a Sophisticated Wall Covering

September 02, 2013 9:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

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When I walked into San Francisco-based designer Antonio Martins’ attic turned atelier at this year’s SF Decorator Showcase, I was immediately taken with the textural wall coverings. Not your usual seagrass, but something more rough hewn. “Burlap,” Martins said, “and practically a dollar a yard.” 

We’ve seen burlap used to back bulletin boards, as rustic curtains, table runners, and even upholstery (remember the rough luxe rage of a few years back?). This was a surprisingly appealing, not to mention affordable, textured wall solution.

Above: The guest bedroom of Antonio Martins’ San Francisco Home.

Above: Framed prints hanging on burlap-covered walls in Martins’ atelier at the SF Decorator Showcase.

Above: Burlap-lined walls in a project by Anne Central.

Above: Lining walls with burlap fabric can be done as a DIY project or with the help of a wallpaper installer. See How to Glue Burlap Cloth to a Wall from the SF Chronicle for a tutorial. The loose weave of burlap necessitates some care when hanging. 60-Inch Natural Burlap Fabric can be ordered through the Online Fabric Store for $2.77 per yard.

Above: Not up for a DIY project? Paper-backed rolls of Hemp Burlap Wall Covering are available in three colors for $43 per yard from Twenty2.

For more ideas to use this humble fabric, see 5 Quick Fixes: Instant Burlap Decorating Solutions