ISSUE 53  |  A Fresh Start

5 Favorites: Clever Room Dividers

January 03, 2013 4:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Here's a roundup of clever room dividers, New Year edition:

Above: For a meeting space for a creative agency in Shoreditch, East London, Richard Shed and An Michiels devised a patchwork white oak lattice room divider; photo via Yatzer.

Above: A floating art-covered wall in a Copenhagen loft; via Trendland.

Above: A room divider made of dowels photographed by Mark Gregory Peters; spotted on Desire to Inspire.

Above: Open shelving as room divider, via OWI.

Above: Here's a clever idea for a room divider from Sidney-based Alwill Studio: a simple rope screen made with two wooden dowels (N.B. Morgan Satterfield provides a tutorial on how to make a similar room divider at The Brick House).