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10 Favorites: Baths in the Bedroom

October 08, 2014 5:00 PM

BY Sarah Lonsdale

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For a long time, I shuddered at the thought of a bath in the bedroom. It conjured up images of an over-pouffed B & B with a tub stuck at the end of a bed. I am not sure where this image came from, but the recent spate of well designed bedrooms with tub on full display has me rethinking. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite finds:

 Above: The master bederoom in Casa Olivi, a renovated rental villa in Italy. Photograph by Giorgio Possenti for Elle Decor Italia.

Above: The bedroom in a South African beach bungalow in Bakoven by Pieter Silberbauer via House and Leisure. (See our post on how to Steal This Look.)

Above: The Cubby House designed by Edwards Moore in Australia features an Agape Spoon tub. 

Above: A Shaker-like guest bedroom in London’s High Road House designed by Ilse Crawford. See the hotel’s updated look by Alexander Waterworth in High Road House Gets a Revamp.

Above: Jenna Lyons’ Bathroom in Brooklyn. (See our post on how to Steal This Look.)

Above: A guest bedroom with bath in the corner in Bella Pollen’s Country House, via Vogue.

Above: A London home via Nicety.

Above: A guest room with tub (and swing) at the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam.

Above: A tub with a view in a home designed by Rick Joy Architects in Vermont.

Above: A loft in Paris by Antonio Virga.

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This post is an update; it ran on July 9, 2009, as part of our Summer Bedroom issue.