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Meet the Makers: A Marketplace for Artisan-Made Wares on Wescover

Meet the Makers A Marketplace for ArtisanMade Wares on Wescover portrait 6 9

Meet the Makers: A Marketplace for Artisan-Made Wares on Wescover

September 8, 2020

Consider it the anti-big-box store: Wescover, an online marketplace where you can connect directly with designers and makers. Order an original piece of furniture or lighting you’ve spotted on the site—or even commission something completely custom. There’s nothing assembly-line or disposable about the offerings. Everything—from rugs to tiles, textiles to furniture, coverlets to lighting to art—is handmade, high quality, and long-lasting and shown in beautiful, design-forward interiors for maximum inspiration.

Wescover celebrates individual, local “Creators”—over ten thousand of them worldwide, from up-and-coming artisans to well-known studios and brands. Some are as-yet-undiscovered favorite sources of design; others are the Creators behind the tableware in Michelin starred-restaurants, sleuthed out. And all communication goes direct to the makers, so you can support independent artisans—no middleman involved.

the atlas rug by mehraban, as seen in san francisco, ca. photograph via seth sm 10
Above: The Atlas Rug by Mehraban, as seen in San Francisco, CA. Photograph via Seth Smoot.

Where to find wares favored by well-known interior designers is no longer a mystery. Spotted in the lofty San Francisco flat of Erin Hiemstra, founder of Apartment 34, is the earthy Atlas Rug by Mehraban. Mehraban, a Creator on Wescover, is a luxe LA rug shop with meticulously made new designs. If you like the rug in Erin’s house, keep exploring to see more of their styles and inquire about getting your own piece.

handmade tableware by mary mar keenan in michelin starred restaurant bellota in 11
Above: Handmade Tableware by Mary Mar Keenan in Michelin-starred restaurant Bellota in San Francisco. Photograph via The Infatuation.

Wescover figures out who made what in celebrated restaurants and boutique hotels the world over. Case in point: Wescover reveals the Creator behind the Handmade Tableware on the tables at Michelin-starred restaurant Bellota. Stoneware ceramicist Mary Mar Keenan creates tableware at the request of chefs around the US, including Remodelista favorite Nightbird. Send her an inquiry on Wescover to commission tableware for your own home.

mandala wild, a porcelain mural by anastasia tumanova, as seen in san francisco. 12
Above: Mandala Wild, a porcelain mural by Anastasia Tumanova, as seen in San Francisco.

In addition to furniture and fixtures, Wescover is also the place to find and commission original art, like handmade porcelain murals. San Francisco-based “botanical ceramicist” and painter Anastasia Tumanova creates art inspired by the California landscape. “Much like a forager, my process begins by making lots of pieces of ceramic, which I cut and mold by hand,” she tells Wescover of the process. “When my baskets are full, I arrange the pieces into designs and compositions.” She’s shown here with her own Mandala Wild.

the switch floor lamp by lumifer by javier robles, as seen in a private home in 13
Above: The Switch Floor Lamp by Lumifer by Javier Robles, as seen in a private home in New York.

Part of the experience is discovering the designer and their story of the piece. Captured here in a home in New York is the Switch Floor Lamp by Lumifer. Behind the furniture, lighting, and accessories studio is Peruvian-born designer Javier Robles. Every product is made to order, and Robles’ aim is to craft unique objects that are “powerful, luxurious, and timeless.” Read his story on his Wescover page.

furniture makers fyrn outside of their san francisco studio. 14
Above: Furniture makers Fyrn outside of their San Francisco studio.

All communications go straight to the Creators themselves, which makes a positive impact on local studios like Fyrn. Through Wescover they showcase their chairs in sought-after spaces, from the private dining room of Piccino in San Francisco to the Bellota bar. Inspired to order your own? Connect with the Fyrn team directly to place an order though Wescover. Fyrn is excited to see more consumers look for things that are made to last and choose creator-made objects.

For much more, head to Wescover to browse their Creators and wares. You can search by item type (like lighting) or even file Creators by city to find a maker near you.

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