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The Fish Trend Continues: 15 (More) Favorite Finds


The Fish Trend Continues: 15 (More) Favorite Finds

April 15, 2024

Last fall we started noticing something strange: fish motifs appearing all over interiors, on ceramics and lamps and table linens, and in our favorite shops—subtly at first, and then everywhere we looked. Eventually fish became so inescapable we dubbed it an official trend.

Six months later and the year’s most peculiar fad is still going strong—in fact, there seem to be more fish things out there than ever before.

Is it design’s version of the tinned-fish resurgence? Was it sparked by Florence Pugh holding a fish on the cover of Vogue? We’re not sure. But we remain intrigued.

Here are 15 (more) fish finds we love:

the ceramic sardines are &#8\2\20;handcrafted in umbria by il buco vita& 17
Above: The Ceramic Sardines are “handcrafted in Umbria by Il Buco Vita’s co-founder and partner Antonello Radi”; $95 from Il Buco Vita.
ferm living&#8\2\17;s stream embroidered textile lampshade is &#8\2\20; 18
Above: Ferm Living’s Stream Embroidered Textile Lampshade is “a modern take on traditional rice lamps…inspired by a Japanese aesthetic that captures the motion of swimming fish and the soothing, endless flow of water.” It’s €119.
the sardine canapé tray is \$40 from leif shop. 19
Above: The Sardine Canapé Tray is $40 from Leif Shop.
and a wooden fish spoon, \$\16 from leif shop. 20
Above: And a Wooden Fish Spoon, $16 from Leif Shop.
fish as art subject: the pablo picasso still life with a fish poster is 390 sek 21
Above: Fish as art subject: The Pablo Picasso Still Life with a Fish poster is 390 SEK from Artilleriet.
Above: Fish finds abound via Barcelona-based “fresh fish store” Don Fisher on Etsy. Shown are two 100 percent cotton pouches: the Jacksmelt Case (at left) and Flounder Case (at right); $34.65 each.
we&#8\2\17;re smitten with these handmade steel fish clips, made in india.  24
Above: We’re smitten with these Handmade Steel Fish Clips, made in India. They’re currently sold out at Boston General Store, though we’re hoping for a restock.
the cast metal fish bottle opener is \$\1\2 from husband and wife run graber co. 25
Above: The cast metal Fish Bottle Opener is $12 from husband-and-wife-run Graber Co.
we like this screen printed sardines tea towel from hearth and harrow on etsy;  26
Above: We like this screen-printed Sardines Tea Towel from Hearth and Harrow on Etsy; it’s currently on sale for $15.
the peixe azulejo tile from portuguese maker luisa paixao is a &#8\2\20;rep 27
Above: The Peixe Azulejo tile from Portuguese maker Luisa Paixao is a “replica of an authentic 18th century Portuguese azulejo” and can be used “as a paper press, coaster, or even as a table mat,” or it can be delivery without the cork backing for applying to the wall. Available soon.
Above: “Subvert expectations” with these Enza Fasano Lorenzo Fish Plates from Porta. They’re available in Green Stripe (shown at left) and White (shown at right); $42 for the small and $48 for the large in either color.
maker mimi kirchner sells these blue fish pillows (among many other colors); \$ 30
Above: Maker Mimi Kirchner sells these Blue Fish Pillows (among many other colors); $90 on Etsy (or $8 for the pattern, if you’d like to make your own). We also love this Fish Pillow from The Planet Sun, though it’s sadly sold out. Bode’s Fish Pillow is a high-end take.
we&#8\2\17;ve been admiring this salmon platter; for similar offerings (and 31
Above: We’ve been admiring this Salmon Platter; for similar offerings (and custom works), head to Harlie Brown Studio.
perhaps a sardine embroidery kit for some diy fish decor? this one is \$\25.\19 32
Above: Perhaps a Sardine Embroidery Kit for some DIY fish decor? This one is $25.19 from Hook, Line, & Tinker.

For more finds, see our first post: Feast of the (Many) Fishes: 17 Times Fish Made an Appearance Beyond the Plate.

And for more trend alerts, see:

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Frequently asked questions

What strange trend started appearing in interiors last fall?

Fish motifs

What did the trend of fish motifs lead to?

Fish becoming inescapable and an official trend

What sparked the fish trend according to the post?

Florence Pugh holding a fish on the cover of Vogue

Where are the Ceramic Sardines handcrafted?

Umbria by Il Buco Vita

How much does the Ceramic Sardines cost?

$95 from Il Buco Vita

What inspired Ferm Living's Stream Embroidered Textile Lampshade design?

Japanese aesthetic capturing the motion of swimming fish and the flow of water

How much does the Stream Embroidered Textile Lampshade cost?


Where can you purchase the Sardine Canapé Tray?

$40 from Leif Shop

How much does the Wooden Fish Spoon cost?

$16 from Leif Shop

Where is the Ceramic Poster of Pablo Picasso available for purchase?

Artilleriet for 390 SEK

Where are the cotton pouches with fish designs from?

Don Fisher on Etsy for $34.65 each

What are the Handmade Steel Fish Clips made of?

Steel, made in India

Where can the sardines Tea Towel be found?

Hearth and Harrow on Etsy for $15

What does the Peixe Azulejo tile from Luisa Paixao replicate?

An authentic 18th-century Portuguese azulejo

What are the Enza Fasano Fish Plates inspired by?

Fish motif with a modern twist

How much does the Blue Fish Pillow from Mimi Kirchner cost?

$90 on Etsy

Where can similar Salmon Platters be found?

Harlie Brown Studio

What is included in the Sardine Embroidery Kit from Hook, Line, & Tinker?

Everything needed for DIY fish decor, costing $25.19

Product summary  Item 6 168Item 7 169

peixe azulejo luisa paixao   1 376x282
Ceramic Tile & Porcelain Tile

Peixe Azulejo

$32.99 USD from Luisa Paixao

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