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Trend Alert: Classic Curtained Beds, for a Long Winter’s Nap


Trend Alert: Classic Curtained Beds, for a Long Winter’s Nap

November 23, 2021

Lately we’ve been noticing a comeback of Dickensian curtained beds: canopy varieties with wrap-around drapery and built-in nooks and alcoves that become snug bed-boxes when the curtains are drawn. Both originally added warmth, darkness, and a bit of privacy and make for extra restful hibernation today. All you need is a candlestick for the bedside.

Take a look at a few covetable cloaked examples, many (perhaps not coincidentally) from London and beyond.

a snug bed at the bradley hare, a traditional pub with rooms for let on the gro 17
Above: A snug bed at The Bradley Hare, a traditional pub with rooms for let on the grounds of the Duchy of Somerset estate, is hung with tasseled curtains. Photograph via The Bradley Hare.
in a revived \1790s home in bath, a guest room features a bespoke wrought iron  18
Above: In a revived 1790s home in Bath, a guest room features a bespoke wrought-iron canopy bed based on a 17th-century Italian design, hung with wrap-around linen drapery. Photograph by Paul Massey, courtesy of Howe, from ‘Mamma Mia’ Music Producer Nick Gilpin’s Stylishly Revived Georgian Manse.
the curtained bed, minimalist edition: this one, in the uk, is wrapped in white 19
Above: The curtained bed, minimalist edition: This one, in the UK, is wrapped in white Portuguese linen. Photography by Maria Le Mesurier from Can Minimalism and 5 Kids Co-Exist? A Design Couple’s Child-Friendly, Clutter-Free Home.
an alcove bed fitted with pale pink dress silk curtains and a quilt in patrick  20
Above: An alcove bed fitted with pale pink dress-silk curtains and a quilt in Patrick Williams’ 1850s East London apartment. Photography via Berdoulat from Out with the New: Reinventing the Past in a London Remodel.
a guest bed in a london townhouse redone by retrouvius is paneled is in reclaim 21
Above: A guest bed in a London townhouse redone by Retrouvius is paneled is in reclaimed pine cheese boards and hung with trim terra-cotta curtains. Photography by Tom Fallon courtesy of Retrouvius, from A Rustic Townhouse Remodel by London’s Masters of Salvage.
a sophisticated take, from to the manor born: luxury and elegance in a restored 22
Above: A sophisticated take, from To the Manor Born: Luxury and Elegance in a Restored 18th-Century Home. Photograph courtesy of The Modern House.
Above: The RU Suspension Bed Canopy by designer Rose Uniacke hangs from the ceiling by wrought-iron hooks and is available in all sizes, from single to super king.
Trend Alert Classic Curtained Beds for a Long Winters Nap portrait 6
Above: And an unfussy setup for wee ones: Bunk beds hung with curtains just might make bedtime a bit more appealing, as seen in this Jersey Ice Cream Co. project in the Catskills. Photograph by Tara Mangini from The One-Month Remodel: A Catskills Guesthouse by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

For more trends we’re noting of late, see:

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Frequently asked questions

What are curtained beds?

Curtained beds are beds that are surrounded by fabric curtains or drapes that can be drawn closed to create a cozy and private sleeping space.

What are the benefits of a curtained bed?

Curtained beds can provide privacy, block out light and noise, add an extra layer of warmth, and create a visual focal point in the bedroom.

What types of curtains can be used for a curtained bed?

Any type of curtains or drapes can be used for a curtained bed, including sheer, thick, patterned, or solid-colored fabrics.

Do curtained beds require any special installation or hardware?

It depends on the type of curtains you choose. Some may require a rod or track to be installed, while others can be hung using hooks or brackets.

What styles of beds work best with curtains?

Curtained beds work well with a variety of bed styles, including canopy beds, four-poster beds, and platform beds with a headboard.

Are curtained beds difficult to maintain and clean?

If you choose machine-washable curtains, then cleaning your curtained bed will be easy. However, if your curtains are delicate or require dry cleaning, then maintenance may be more difficult.

Can curtained beds work in small bedrooms?

Yes, curtained beds can actually be a great solution for small bedrooms as they can create a sense of separation and also add visual interest to the space.

Are curtained beds a trend or a timeless design element?

Curtained beds have been around for centuries and have been reinvented and adapted to fit various design styles. While they may be currently trendy, they can also be considered a timeless design element.

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