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5 Favorites: The Return of the Simple Bedspread


5 Favorites: The Return of the Simple Bedspread

July 16, 2021

Noticed lately: the return of the simple bedspread (remember the times before duvets and mountains of plumped pillows?). Here’s a look:

zara home linen bedspread

Above: Zara Home has a range of bedspread options, including the Natural Linen Bedspread; £159.99.

rose uniacke simple bedspread
Above: We first noticed the look via UK designer Rose Uniacke, who favors a pared-down, serene look in the bedroom, as in this Mayfair boudoir.
cuff studio simplke bedpread
Above: A simple bedroom at the Solana Beach Bluff Break in San Diego.
rose uniacke mayfair bedrooom
Above: Another Rose Uniacke bedroom with draped bed covering.
zara cotton needle cord bedspread
Above: Another offering from Zara: the Cotton Needlecord Bed Cover is £89.99.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a bedspread?

A bedspread is a decorative covering for a bed that goes over the top layer of sheets. It is designed to cover the entire bed, and often reaches all the way to the floor.

Why are bedspreads making a comeback?

Bedspreads are making a comeback because they are versatile, practical, and add a touch of elegance to any bedroom. They can be used year-round, and come in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics.

What are some popular types of bedspreads?

Some popular types of bedspreads include quilted bedspreads, chenille bedspreads, matelassé bedspreads, and velvet bedspreads. Each style offers a unique look and feel.

How do I choose the right bedspread for my bedroom?

When choosing a bedspread, consider the colors, patterns, and fabrics that will complement your existing decor. Also, consider the size of your bed and the length of the bedspread when making your selection.

Can bedspreads be used all year-round?

Yes, bedspreads can be used year-round. They provide warmth in the colder months, and can be used as a lighter cover in the warmer months.

How do I care for my bedspread?

The care instructions for your bedspread will depend on the fabric and style. Always check the care label before washing or dry cleaning your bedspread. Some bedspreads may be machine washed, while others may need to be dry cleaned.

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