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Required Reading: Pretty Pastel Style


Required Reading: Pretty Pastel Style

April 15, 2014

“Hear the word ‘pastel’ and you may instantly imagine the sugary pink of a little girl’s bedroom or the cheerful, springtime shades found on retro floral fabrics. Today, these saccharine visions are only part of the story, because pastels are enjoying an exciting, dynamic revival,” writes Selina Lake in her new book, Pretty Pastel Style. 

A London-based interiors stylist, Lake is a veteran when it comes to publishing–Pretty Pastel Style, a 160-page ode pastels with personality, is her fourth design book. It’s divided into chapters devoted to modern, retro (think fifties shades), and vintage pastels; we particularly like the last section, which presents simple pastels in white rooms with a minimal but elegant look. Here are some examples:

Photography by Catherine Gratwicke.

Required Reading Pretty Pastel Style portrait 3

Above: A relaxed paneled living room with slipcovered furniture. The doorframe is lined with a fringed trim for a soft vintage touch. A Koushi Lamp by Mark Eden Schooley hangs from the ceiling. Intrigued? The design inspired Alexa to made her own DIY Koushi Lamp

Required Reading Pretty Pastel Style portrait 4

Above: A farm-inspired kitchen with white-painted paneling, barn-style lighting, a porcelain farm sink, and butcher block countertop. Have a look at more modern farm kitchens in our photo gallery.

Required Reading Pretty Pastel Style portrait 5

Above: Mismatched chairs are unified by coats of white paint in this cooly white dining room bottles brightened with glass bottles used as vases and a gold-fringed vintage-style ceiling shade.

Required Reading Pretty Pastel Style portrait 6

Above: A cocoon-like living room (even the wall clock is white) is furnished with a colorful ensemble, including pastel Windsor chairs and a modern sofa covered with a floral throw. See 10 Easy Pieces: The Windsor Chair Revisited for more Windsor inspiration. 

Required Reading Pretty Pastel Style portrait 7

Above: Another bright Windsor chair stands next to a vintage upright piano stacked with Tivoli radios. In the Remodelista book, we singled out the Tivoli radio in the Remodelista 100, our chapter devoted to favorite everyday objects.

Required Reading Pretty Pastel Style portrait 8

Above: An all-white living room set off by touches of pink–two Windsor chairs painted in different pale hues, hot pink pillows and artwork, and light-pink blankets. Like the wingback chair? Check out 10 Easy Pieces: The Wingback in Back

Required Reading Pretty Pastel Style portrait 9

Above: Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake, with photography by Catherine Gratwicke and writing by Joanna Simmons, is published by Ryland Peters & Small; it’s available on Amazon for $22.18. For more by Lake, have a look at her blog.

We’re celebrating pale colors all week; go to Shades of Pastels to see what we’ve covered so far. More books that we love? Have a look at Required Reading on Remodelista, and Required Reading on Gardenista, too–have you seen The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers?

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Frequently asked questions

What is the book "Pretty Pastel Style" about?

The book Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake is a guide to decorating and styling your home using pastel colors.

Who is Selina Lake?

Selina Lake is a British stylist and author who is known for her work in interior design and lifestyle publications.

What topics are covered in the book?

The book covers topics such as color psychology, choosing the right pastel shades for your home, creating pastel-themed rooms, and incorporating pastels into different design styles.

Is the book suitable for beginners in interior design?

Yes, the book is suitable for beginners as well as more experienced designers. It provides practical tips and inspiration for anyone looking to decorate their home with pastel colors.

Are there any DIY projects included in the book?

Yes, the book includes several simple DIY projects such as painting furniture with pastel colors, making pastel-themed art, and creating pastel-colored textiles.

Where can I buy the book?

The book can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Is the book available in e-book format?

Yes, the book is available in both print and e-book formats.

Are there any reviews of the book available online?

Yes, there are several reviews of the book available on websites such as Amazon and Goodreads.

What is the price of the book?

The price of the book may vary depending on the retailer and format, but the average price is around $25-$30.

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